Blogging vacation in Maine

Hi Hart Beat. I am so, so excited to be writing to you tonight. Why do you ask? Well, the answer is short (one word actually): VACATION. That’s right. Starting today I’m on a week and a half vacation from my job and my apartment in Brooklyn. Today my mom and I drove up to the island in Maine that I’ve been coming to since a child and I’ll be spending the rest of the week and all of next hanging out up here with my family. I’m sad to leave Brooklyn and my job but I am SO HAPPY because for the next week and a half I’ll be able to blog like I’ve always wanted. I’ve missed you Hart Beat!

I’m so happy these next ten days to read, write and relax. This Ernest Hemingway quote keeps repeating in my head. I’ll have to take it out of the library tomorrow.
For more photos follow my instagram this week. I’ll be posting up a storm.

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