A dream house by Alejandro Rosuti Kotti

Hi Hart Beat. It is a lazy, rainy morning here on the island. I’m sitting in the kitchen while my mom works on a birthday lunch for my Grandmother. It’s pretty perfect. Being here on the island makes me wish for more outdoor living in New York City. It’s nice in the summer to go to rooftop bars and parks but once fall gets here those kind of things start to die down. I came across this house today and thought now this is a house. Can you imagine living here, Hart Beat? Too bad I have absolutely no green thumb…

This beautiful house is designed by architect Alejandro Rosuti Kotti and is set on this perfect piece of land in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love the different spaces in this open floor plan. Also, those windows. Am I right?


  1. Who would not love this house — It’s very beautiful! I also love the way Kotti added those glass walls to the structure of the house. Seeing the lush greenery outside adds a refreshing vibe to the whole place. It’s perfect, especially if you want a more natural look for your home, and it makes for a great place to relax and even meditate.

    Gina Sutton @ Best College Station Home Search

  2. The architect is called Alejandro Sticotti!

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