Shakey Graves, you and I both know

Oh Hart Beat. You know that feeling when you meet someone and you just can’t get enough of them? You want to see them in the morning, you text them all day and then when you see them it’s just rainbows and cupcakes over and over again. Well, tonight that feeling will come to you via Hart Beat and via the amazing artist Shakey Graves.

I came across Shakey Graves aka Alejandro Rose-Garcia on my internet wanderings and now I can’t get enough of him. The Texan artist has been on the scene for a few years now and I can’t believe this is the first I’m hearing his music. According to critics, the one man act Shakey Graces plays “unique blues-infused flapicking style with a voice that can flicker from a fragile whisper to a startling howl.:
Unfortunetly, Shakey Graves is another one of those artists who has not made the way to Spotify. This really bums me out because all I want to do on my morning commute is listen to his amazing voice and obsessive beat. Hey Mr. Rose-Garcia, help a girl out and put some tracks on there please?
I hope you like Shakey Graves as much as I do and give these two tracks a listen. If you want more all you have to do is go to youtube and search a way. There are so many amazing live songs that I had a hard time picking ones to put here.
P.S. You think Alejandro looks familair. Does sometime along the lines of The Swede sound familiar. Yup, that’s right. Alejandro played Julie Taylors older (swedish?) lover on Friday Night Lights once upon a time. You’re welcome internet.
And one more, just for good luck…

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