The Meaning of Zero: A Love Poem

Hey you. I hope you had a nice weekend. I am so happy that summer is here and that I can spend it in Greenpoint. I’ve been having crazy vivid dreams lately, it must be because of the full moon. I’ve been reading a lot of poetry lately and thought of you when I read this one. I hope you like it too.

The Meaning of Zero: A Love Poem
by Amy Uyematsu

      —Is where space ends called death or infinity?
                    Pablo Neruda, The Book of Questions

A mere eyelid’s distance between you and me.

It took us a long time to discover the number zero.

John’s brother is afraid to go outside.
He claims he knows
the meaning of zero.

I want to kiss you.

A mathematician once told me you can add infinity
to infinity.

There is a zero vector, which starts and ends
at the same place, its force
and movement is impossible
to record with 
rays or maps or words.
It intersects yet runs parallel
with all others.

A young man I know
wants me to prove
the zero vector exists.
I tell him I can’t,
but nothing in my world
makes sense without it.

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