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Jenny Lewis live on WNYC

As if I didn’t love WNYC enough, tonight I found out that my favorite Jenny Lewis recorded a few songs live on “The Soundcheck.” UM WHAT. Jenny, why are you doing this to me. According to the episode Jenny has a new solo album coming out this June. This weekend she’ll be playing at Governor’s Ball in New York. Side note, I almost bought tickets just to see her in concert.. Glad I didn’t but sad I won’t see Jenny. I am so jealous of my roommate who works at Refinery29 saw her at the office today for a photo shoot. No big.

This fall HBO’s Girls premiered a new Jenny Lewis song, “Completely Not Me” (previously featured on Hart Beat) and I’ve been dying to know if this meant a new album. I am so glad to hear that the rumors are true and The Voyager will be gracing us with it’s presence this July. Thank you so much to WNYC and “The Soundcheck” for brining us this amazing live session and interview about her upcoming album. Uou can listen bellow to Jenny singing live “Just One of the Guys,” “Rise Up With Fists”(one of my favorite songs) and “The Voyager” or just listen to one of her new songs via the youtube clip. Happy listening, Hart Beat.

Horse Cycles, a Brooklyn bike dream

Oh hello Hart Beat. Happy hump day! I am so glad that it’s Wednesday and that the weekend is almost here! My brother and I have plans to visit the Central Park Zoo for the first time on Saturday and rumor has it that a few of my best friends from Bates are going to be in town for the weekend too…

Anyway, I came across the baller bike company today and I knew I had to share it with you. Horse Cycles is “an independent Brooklyn-based workshop specializing in handmade multi-functional bicycles for everyone: from the dapper commuter to rugged off-road pioneer.” Their studio is right down in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, just a short bike ride from my apartment in Greenpoint. According to their site, Horse Cycles works with individual costumers to costume make a frame just for their needs. How cool is that!

I love both my work commuting bike and my trusty rock hopper but it would be amazing to have a bike made right in my borough. What Horse Cycles says about biking in this video bellow is so true. I love the idea that they see bikes as similar to how horses used to be used, I completely agree!

Last summer my dad and I biked across Spain and now that he has trouble walking, this fall we’re going to cycle the coast of California. Like Horse Cycles says, “bikes allow freedom of movement” and “the pleasure of being able to get from point A to point B in the city is amazing.” I know for me and my dad that couldn’t be more true.

Anyway, next time you’re in Williamsburg you should come with me to check out the studio. I love what this brand stands for and watching that video of biking shots around Williamsburg made me so happy and proud that I ride down to Sunset Park 20 miles everyday. Well done, gentlemen. Keep up the amazing work.

All photos from the beautiful Horse Cycle website.

Bye, bye hair!

Trop Rouge does hair right.

Hi Hart Beat! This week is crawling by but tonight I tried to celebrate Tuesday night by finally watching this movie and drinking a home brew. Success. I also want to share with you a new spring haircut that I got this weekend! It’s been a year since I’ve done anything with my hair other than occasionally trim my own bangs (tricky business) and now that Kennaland is open in Greenpoint I knew I had to stop by to show my support.

I went to Kennaland on Saturday and even though Kenna couldn’t cut my hair (he’s traveling on shoots this week) I had a great time hanging out with Amy and the other stylists in the studio. Hanging out is the best way I can think to describe it Hart Beat. It was the most low key hair cut ever. Kennaland works by appointment only so when you go it’s just you and the stylists. No other costumers, no receptionist, no one getting a pedicure. Super intimate.

Amy and I talked about what I wanted done and in the end I pretty much told her she had free reign on my hair. And Hart Beat, I am so glad I did. She cut five inches off and now I have the best cut I’ve ever had in my life! The best part about the style is that I don’t have to blow dry it or comb it (a gift in the summer) and I can spray all the sea spray product in it I want. Instant beach, instant life. Thanks Kennaland!!

Gisele, you’re hair is amazing.

King Karoshi, my Canadian band crush

Hi Hart Beat, I have the best band to share with you tonight. A few weeks ago I got a great email from a fan of the blog introducing himself and reaching out to pass along the name of his band, King Karoshi. As soon as I listened to their first song on their new EP I was hooked. As Rémi, the lead guitarist told me via email, the music “somehow it seems to match your imagery and type of playlist.” I can’t even tell you how right he is, King Karoshi is my newest favorite.

Rémi explained to me via email that King Karoshi is a Montreál band that released their first EP this May. The band features the talents of four guys, Patrick on lead singer and guitar, Antoine on base, Alexy on drums and Rémi as the lead guitarist. In my opinion, the band has a sound similar to other indie bands The Districts and Santah but with this great Canadian back story (Patrick and Antoine are from Montréal and Alexy is from Ottawa).

King Karoshi has five songs out on their first EP and they are currently touring through Canada. Unfortunately for you and me Hart Beat, King Karoshi is not on Spotify (that I can find) so I haven’t put it on the official Hart Beat Playlist. However, you can listen to the album on their website and even buy the EP there too. Oh boys, come to New York and play in Brooklyn! I want to see you in concert!

King Karoshi plays their song “Laundry”
So there you go, Hart Beat, a great music suggestion that has come this way via the brilliant internet gods. Thanks for reaching out Rémi, I can’t wait to see the great places that King Karoshi goes!!

Concert photos (first four) via MTLBlog and the recording shot (last photo) by Vesia Photography.

Hola, June!!

Oh hello there, Hart Beat. Happy JUNE! I can’t believe that it’s June already!! May flew by and now here we are at the beginning of another summer. I am so happy this month to be able to relax in Brooklyn and get some things done before the craziness of July hits us. What about you? What are your plans for June, Hart Beat? You traveling anywhere? If you’re not reading this from New York then come to Brooklyn this month! June is the best time to be in the area and there are so many great concerts, parties and openings happening now. See you soon, Hart Beat!