My favorite Friday readings

Hey Hart Beat. I love Fridays. I mean, who doesn’t? One of the best parts of Fridays for me is taking a breath and reading through my favorite blog weekly summaries. I thought this week I would share some of my picks with you! Since our beloved (ha) Joanna is on a weeklong getaway and we don’t have her weekly link collection to read today, let’s move on to some other bloggers and authors. These three collected here not only supply great beauty and style tips, but all three showcase amazing careers of other talented and up-and-coming women. Enjoy, Hart Beat!

The Everygirl
One of my best friends introduced me to The Everygirl about a year ago. Since then it has been one of my favorite websites to check out every week. It reminds me so much of Refinery29 from a few years ago when the content was more about benefiting your life than generating a high traffic rate. My favorite segments are the career interviews that they publish weekly. It’s so encouraging to read about so many smart, successful women and how they’ve gotten to where they are.

Clementine Daily
My second stop on Fridays is always Clementine Daily. This site also has great career interviews but what I love the most is the simple and elegant design. It’s like looking through a very beautifully curated Pinterest board. The life advice is one of my favorite parts.

The Lively Show
Okay, I confess, The Lively Show is not a website or blog, it’s actually a weekly podcast. The podcast is so nice to listen to and I always save it for my Friday commute. Jess Lively (who is actually a contributor to The Everygirl, small world) showcases amazing successful bloggers, writers and career driven women. It’s so amazing to hear so many talented women’s stories and career paths. I’m always so determined after listening to go out and plan my next business.

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