My favorite coffee: No. Six Depot

Oh hello there, Hart Beat. Sorry I’ve been so absent lately, I’ve been in and out of New York the past couple of days and I am so glad to be back in Brooklyn tonight. Now that it’s summer though, I will be making trips back home to visit my parents in the Berkshires for the fresh air and swims in the lake. One of the best parts of going home is visiting one of my favorite coffee shops, Six Depot.

Six Depot is owned and run by two of my parents friends who live in our neighboring town, West Stockbridge. Lisa and Flavio are two of the nicest people and opened this coffee shop/gallery/restaurant space in an old train station in 2013. The space is so beautiful and the coffee is so so so good. Flavio makes the best cafe con leche that I’ve had since being in Spain (he’s from Argentina so I guess he has a leg up on good coffee.) All of the coffee used by Six Depot is brewed on premises by the owners. One of the best parts is the names that Lisa and Flavio give the blends. My favorites are “Infinite Jest Blend” and “Bali Blue Moon Organic.

Not only does No. Six Depot have amazing coffee but they have an amazing gallery space in the old train station. The gallery’s first show showcased a show by my mom! If you ever visit the Berkshires then you have to visit Six Dept. I know you’ll love it, Hart Beat.

Hi Sascha!

All photos from the No. Six Depot website.

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