Horse Cycles, a Brooklyn bike dream

Oh hello Hart Beat. Happy hump day! I am so glad that it’s Wednesday and that the weekend is almost here! My brother and I have plans to visit the Central Park Zoo for the first time on Saturday and rumor has it that a few of my best friends from Bates are going to be in town for the weekend too…

Anyway, I came across the baller bike company today and I knew I had to share it with you. Horse Cycles is “an independent Brooklyn-based workshop specializing in handmade multi-functional bicycles for everyone: from the dapper commuter to rugged off-road pioneer.” Their studio is right down in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, just a short bike ride from my apartment in Greenpoint. According to their site, Horse Cycles works with individual costumers to costume make a frame just for their needs. How cool is that!

I love both my work commuting bike and my trusty rock hopper but it would be amazing to have a bike made right in my borough. What Horse Cycles says about biking in this video bellow is so true. I love the idea that they see bikes as similar to how horses used to be used, I completely agree!

Last summer my dad and I biked across Spain and now that he has trouble walking, this fall we’re going to cycle the coast of California. Like Horse Cycles says, “bikes allow freedom of movement” and “the pleasure of being able to get from point A to point B in the city is amazing.” I know for me and my dad that couldn’t be more true.

Anyway, next time you’re in Williamsburg you should come with me to check out the studio. I love what this brand stands for and watching that video of biking shots around Williamsburg made me so happy and proud that I ride down to Sunset Park 20 miles everyday. Well done, gentlemen. Keep up the amazing work.

All photos from the beautiful Horse Cycle website.

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