Happy Midsummer!

Hi Hart Beat! We did it! We survived the winter and today we can finally celebrate the best day of the year. June 21st is always one of the best days, always reminds me of the best people, and (at least in New York) brings all the gremlins who have been lurking in their apartments all winter and spring out into the bright sunlight. Last night I was able to take full advantage of these long days by biking into Manhattan for dinner and riding back at 9pm across the Brooklyn Bridge while it was still semi light out. Amazing

To celebrate this years Midsummer, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite Hart Beat posts about all things summer, flower crowns, music, swim wear and more. I hope enjoy your sun today, Hart Beat!!

Hair crown from Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg.
Great bathing suite pictures for inspiration. 
A song about wear flowers in your hair. Approps.
The original flower crown post from two years ago.

Lana del Rey sporting some amazing flower crowns.

And finally, dreaming of shoes from Sweden.

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