Bye, bye hair!

Trop Rouge does hair right.

Hi Hart Beat! This week is crawling by but tonight I tried to celebrate Tuesday night by finally watching this movie and drinking a home brew. Success. I also want to share with you a new spring haircut that I got this weekend! It’s been a year since I’ve done anything with my hair other than occasionally trim my own bangs (tricky business) and now that Kennaland is open in Greenpoint I knew I had to stop by to show my support.

I went to Kennaland on Saturday and even though Kenna couldn’t cut my hair (he’s traveling on shoots this week) I had a great time hanging out with Amy and the other stylists in the studio. Hanging out is the best way I can think to describe it Hart Beat. It was the most low key hair cut ever. Kennaland works by appointment only so when you go it’s just you and the stylists. No other costumers, no receptionist, no one getting a pedicure. Super intimate.

Amy and I talked about what I wanted done and in the end I pretty much told her she had free reign on my hair. And Hart Beat, I am so glad I did. She cut five inches off and now I have the best cut I’ve ever had in my life! The best part about the style is that I don’t have to blow dry it or comb it (a gift in the summer) and I can spray all the sea spray product in it I want. Instant beach, instant life. Thanks Kennaland!!

Gisele, you’re hair is amazing.

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