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A watch from The Horse in Australia

This past fall I was so happy to get this beautiful Oliva Burton big dial watch. Sad news though, Hart Beat. The other week I was running to catch the G train on the way to work and it snagged on the subway entry door. I’m going to see if I can get the band fixed but in the meantime I’ve been looking around for a new watch. Look at these beautiful watches made by The Horse, a brand based in Sydney, Australia that makes leather accessories and shoes. Want to head to Australia this week and pick up a watch with me?

Too bad I can’t keep white things clean very well…

Balmoral Beach in Sydney, Australia.

Summer jams with Slow Motion by PHOX

Hola Hart Beat. Sorry for the radio silence. I promise I’ll be be better at posting this week than I have been! To make it up to you here is a song for you that I promise (pinky promise) you’ll be listening to for the rest of the summer. Thanks NPR for your continuing music recommendations and thanks Monica Martin for having the voice of an angel.

PHOX’s “Slow Motion”

Happy Midsummer!

Hi Hart Beat! We did it! We survived the winter and today we can finally celebrate the best day of the year. June 21st is always one of the best days, always reminds me of the best people, and (at least in New York) brings all the gremlins who have been lurking in their apartments all winter and spring out into the bright sunlight. Last night I was able to take full advantage of these long days by biking into Manhattan for dinner and riding back at 9pm across the Brooklyn Bridge while it was still semi light out. Amazing

To celebrate this years Midsummer, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite Hart Beat posts about all things summer, flower crowns, music, swim wear and more. I hope enjoy your sun today, Hart Beat!!

Hair crown from Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg.
Great bathing suite pictures for inspiration. 
A song about wear flowers in your hair. Approps.
The original flower crown post from two years ago.

Lana del Rey sporting some amazing flower crowns.

And finally, dreaming of shoes from Sweden.

My favorite Friday readings

Hey Hart Beat. I love Fridays. I mean, who doesn’t? One of the best parts of Fridays for me is taking a breath and reading through my favorite blog weekly summaries. I thought this week I would share some of my picks with you! Since our beloved (ha) Joanna is on a weeklong getaway and we don’t have her weekly link collection to read today, let’s move on to some other bloggers and authors. These three collected here not only supply great beauty and style tips, but all three showcase amazing careers of other talented and up-and-coming women. Enjoy, Hart Beat!

The Everygirl
One of my best friends introduced me to The Everygirl about a year ago. Since then it has been one of my favorite websites to check out every week. It reminds me so much of Refinery29 from a few years ago when the content was more about benefiting your life than generating a high traffic rate. My favorite segments are the career interviews that they publish weekly. It’s so encouraging to read about so many smart, successful women and how they’ve gotten to where they are.

Clementine Daily
My second stop on Fridays is always Clementine Daily. This site also has great career interviews but what I love the most is the simple and elegant design. It’s like looking through a very beautifully curated Pinterest board. The life advice is one of my favorite parts.

The Lively Show
Okay, I confess, The Lively Show is not a website or blog, it’s actually a weekly podcast. The podcast is so nice to listen to and I always save it for my Friday commute. Jess Lively (who is actually a contributor to The Everygirl, small world) showcases amazing successful bloggers, writers and career driven women. It’s so amazing to hear so many talented women’s stories and career paths. I’m always so determined after listening to go out and plan my next business.

40 Days of Dating

Hey Hart Beat. I just came across this hilarious and typical New York City art piece/film collection that I had to share with you. Have you heard of “40 Days of Dating“? Watch the video below for an introduction..

The Dating Rules from 40 Days of Dating on Vimeo.

The premise of the project is two friends, Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh, are both tired of the New York City dating scene and their own personal dating problems. They decide to date for 40 days and document the project with videos and questionnaires. It’s a hilarious idea and I especially love what each of them says about their personal dating history in New York. Oh, man, do I feel you two. While I guess the match didn’t last between Timothy and Jessica, it’s still fun to see them go through the different stages of getting to know someone and seeing if they are a good match for you. If the idea of checking out something like this w4m blog to find a date or a casual hookup sounds more up your street than how these guys went about it all, that is completely up to you. As long as you are safe and have given it some thought, that’s what should matter.
What is difficult about dating in NYC?

Everyone is too busy and thinks they can do better. I can be shy around new people, so I’ve had a hard time meeting guys here. For a long while the only interest I was getting was from a construction worker who would catcall near 15th street. Eventually I tried online dating, and I did meet some great guys, but it didn’t work out with any of them. A friend of mine kept telling me to do a little research on each person I found through the dating site on a people search website, just to make sure that I wasn’t seeing someone I didn’t want to see.

I think the dating life here is only difficult if you’re looking to settle down. If you’re looking to date, it can be perfect. Everyone is so career hungry, and it’s hard for some men to stay focused when there are beautiful and interesting women everywhere.
Ha. So true my amigos, so true. What about you? Any good New York City dating stories? And P.S. some great advice I tell myself over and over again while attempting this terrible feat in this city.

The Meaning of Zero: A Love Poem

Hey you. I hope you had a nice weekend. I am so happy that summer is here and that I can spend it in Greenpoint. I’ve been having crazy vivid dreams lately, it must be because of the full moon. I’ve been reading a lot of poetry lately and thought of you when I read this one. I hope you like it too.

The Meaning of Zero: A Love Poem
by Amy Uyematsu

      —Is where space ends called death or infinity?
                    Pablo Neruda, The Book of Questions

A mere eyelid’s distance between you and me.

It took us a long time to discover the number zero.

John’s brother is afraid to go outside.
He claims he knows
the meaning of zero.

I want to kiss you.

A mathematician once told me you can add infinity
to infinity.

There is a zero vector, which starts and ends
at the same place, its force
and movement is impossible
to record with 
rays or maps or words.
It intersects yet runs parallel
with all others.

A young man I know
wants me to prove
the zero vector exists.
I tell him I can’t,
but nothing in my world
makes sense without it.

Kaanas platform espadrilles, my oh my

Hey Hart Beat. I’ve been feeling a little bummed out thinking that this is the first summer since I was 21 that I haven’t been visiting Spain. At the company that I work for now we represent the brand Kaanas, a Colombian espadrille company, that makes the cutest espadrille shoes. They’re almost better, almost, than the few pairs I bought last year in Barecelona.

It’s so hard to find shoes that are comfortable enough to wear walking and biking around the city but cute enough to keep up with the Jones’. My favorite of all the Kaanas shoes are the Monaco platform sandal. We don’t carry this style at my shoe store but I would love to try on a pair before the summer is over. The only question is, white or black?

My favorite coffee: No. Six Depot

Oh hello there, Hart Beat. Sorry I’ve been so absent lately, I’ve been in and out of New York the past couple of days and I am so glad to be back in Brooklyn tonight. Now that it’s summer though, I will be making trips back home to visit my parents in the Berkshires for the fresh air and swims in the lake. One of the best parts of going home is visiting one of my favorite coffee shops, Six Depot.

Six Depot is owned and run by two of my parents friends who live in our neighboring town, West Stockbridge. Lisa and Flavio are two of the nicest people and opened this coffee shop/gallery/restaurant space in an old train station in 2013. The space is so beautiful and the coffee is so so so good. Flavio makes the best cafe con leche that I’ve had since being in Spain (he’s from Argentina so I guess he has a leg up on good coffee.) All of the coffee used by Six Depot is brewed on premises by the owners. One of the best parts is the names that Lisa and Flavio give the blends. My favorites are “Infinite Jest Blend” and “Bali Blue Moon Organic.

Not only does No. Six Depot have amazing coffee but they have an amazing gallery space in the old train station. The gallery’s first show showcased a show by my mom! If you ever visit the Berkshires then you have to visit Six Dept. I know you’ll love it, Hart Beat.

Hi Sascha!

All photos from the No. Six Depot website.

Weekends in Greenpoint

Hola Hart Beat. I am so glad it’s Sunday, finally. This weekend has been so relaxing and well needed. I always have so many ideas for the weekend but in the end it’s so hard for me to leave Brooklyn (or even Greenpoint). Tomorrow morning I’m meeting my brother, who just moved to Manhattan two weeks ago, for breakfast at Five Leaves. It’s the most referenced brunch place in the area but in two years I’ve never been! Now, for some fashion inspiration for bopping around Greenpoint today. What’s your favorite lazy Sunday afternoon wear?

Birkenstock’s are so in right now. How did this happen??