Pretend shopping with a Madewell Sale

Hey Hart Beat. Happy almost weekend! I was at work today and got an email from Madewell saying that they’re having a random 24 hour sale today. Um.. what Madewell? I don’t usually like to shop from big stores but Madewell is always the one that changes my mind. I’m on a bit of a spending freeze right now so why don’t we do a little pretend shopping of their sale items? Want to come fictional shopping with me?

1. The Latticework Shirt. This shirt says, I’m your girl next door best friend who knows how to french braid like a baller and drink whisky straight up.
2. The Lightweight Tomboy Workshirt. This shirt says, I’m the salt of the Earth kind of girl who likes to hop on my bike and ride through Brooklyn all day. I won’t stop for a car but if you’re cute dog runs up to me I’ll make sure to yield to that pup.
3. The Warren Sandal in Silver. This shirt says, Oh don’t mind me stomping down Bedford Ave this casual Saturday afternoon. I’m just going to stop by Smorgasburg and grab an ice cream cookie and then bop into Bird to pick up a new maxi skirt for work this week.
4. The Checkbook Wallet. This wallet says, I’m the kind of girl that has my life together with all my cards perfectly categorized in alphabetical order. My bills never come out crinkled and ripped and oh, this leather hue, I woke up with this.
5. The Linen Timeoff Tee. This T says, What’s that? I didn’t see you there I’m just going through my bag to find my metro pass before I whisk off to the East Village for a drink with my best friend from college at a local Jazz bar. No big.
6. The Essential White Boyshirt. This shirt says, Whoops, didn’t see you there. I’m just rushing out of my boyfriends apartment on the way to my workshare space to edit some photographs for a couple of magazines that are freelancing me.
Thanks, Madewell!

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