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Ballet in Brooklyn

Bonjour, Hart Beat. Happy Friday! I hope you have been enjoying this spring weather as much as I have. I’m so excited to have two of my best friends from Bates visiting New York this weekend. And side note, I was thinking the other day that while I love riding everyday I’ve been thinking about trying to do something different once a week to stretch my legs. Yoga to the People in Williamsburg is great (they have so many classes) but yoga really isn’t my favorite thing.

For something different I’ve been thinking of signing up for these new Xtendbarre classes in Brooklyn. I love ballet style and used to dance as a kid. I know that this doesn’t preclude a love for barre classes but a girl can try. I’ll let you know how it goes Hart Beat.

Photo from A Cup of Jo.

What are we going to do

Hi. Happy Wednesday night, Hart Beat. I’m pretty tonight after biking all over Brooklyn today so I just want to write a quick post. As you loyal readers know, I love Jenny Lewis and I love Rilo Kiley. This song here is one I’ve been listening to over and over in my apartment. I think you might like it Hart Beat. And as always, you can subscribe to the official blog playlist here.

“Godspeed” by Jenny Lewis

Feltraiger and the heartbreaker hat

Last year while I was working at Artists & Fleas one of my favorite parts of the job was meeting young, up and coming designers at the market. One of my favorite new brands that sold last spring is the Brooklyn based, American made brand Feltraiger. When they were stationed at Artists & Fleas I was lucky enough to pick up one of the last mens bright blue bee print shirt (pictured in the NYTimes style section this weekend). Founded by brothers Daniel and Jon Feldman, Feltraiger designs with fashion and durability in mind with menswear that can easily be worn by women. I get questions about the bee shirt all the time and I’ve recently updated my collection with this heartbreaker very Hart Beat appropriate hat.

Shop online for the Feltraiger brand or stop by their flagship store on Grand Street in Williamsburg. Happy shopping, Hart Beat.

P.S. G-Eazy get your act together and work with these guys.

The bee shirt.
All photos from the Feltraiger website. Bottom photos from the SS13 collection.

To jean or not to jean

Oh hello Hart Beat. I have a fashion question for you today. How do you dear readers feel about the infamous Texan Tuxedo? My roommate was at a Levi’s party a few weeks back and was gifted this great open back jean shirt. I’ve been borrowing it a lot lately and since I’m tired of wearing so much black I’ve started pairing it with jeans. Bad idea or good idea? I know the general idea is no but in Brooklyn? I know we’re not in the south but I think it might work.

P.S. My favorite jeans right now. 

Neon light apartment decoration

Hi Hart Beat. Last week I came across this great blog post from A Beautiful Mess and I have to share it with you. I’m always looking for new ideas for my Greenpoint apartment and I think this is going to have to be the next project.

Husband and wife team Emma and Trey (Emma’s one of the sisters being A Beautiful Mess) added this great neon sign to their rooftop deck and give instructions how to do it on their blog. I don’t have a rooftop deck, a hot tub or magazine looking pool parties but, I do have a great Brooklyn apartment and I think it would be great to add this kind of neon sign above my bed like a headboard. Right now I have a great map of Maine but the dynamic sign could be pretty cool. 
The only problem I’m coming across is what word or phrase I want to see everyday… Home? BKLYN? I kind of thing Heartbreaker would be pretty cool. What do you think, Hart Beat? Is this something you would add to your house or apartment? What word would you write?

Thanks A Beautiful Mess for the idea and photos. 

Authentic California from Seavees

Speaking of California, have you heard of the sneaker brand Seavees? I don’t know what it is about this almost spring weather but it has me craving for all things Californian. I was doing some research on the brand for my new job and I just had to share them with you. The story behind the company is so cool and the photos on their website make me drool. You people are so cool! Want to hire an east coast transplant? I’ll learn to surf for you!

I’m not a huge sneaker person (most of my shoes have heels) but, I would totally change my mind for a pair of their 09/65 Bayside Sandals or the 02/64 Baja Slip Ons. Never had I seen sneakers that would work so perfectly with my clothes. They would be perfect for biking around Brooklyn on the weekends.

And the story behind the brand, Hart Beat, it is so good. Seavees was originally founded in the 1960’s as a simple shoe company that predates Vans. The company closed down nine years after their opening and then 40 years after that, in the early 2000’s, a vintage pair of shoes was found by a collector in Japan. The brand was then relaunched, brining back the laid-back surfer vibe of the 60s to todays market. My favorite part f this story is how each shoes is named for a specific date in history with links that range from important days in the beatnik generation to the first Baja Surf Club Invitation in Mexico.

I have so much more that I want to say about Seavees but the last bit of information I’ll give you is the most recent promotion that the brand is publishing. If you sign up for their newsletter now (until when I don’t know) you are automatically entered to win a 1964 Volkswagen Beetle. This beautiful baby below could be yours. But it won’t be, because I’m going to be cruising around Brooklyn in it all summer long. As if I didn’t love you enough, Seavees.

All photos from the Seavees website.

New Lana del Rey from Coachella, that’s right

Have you heart the news, Hart Beat? Our girl Lana del Rey released a new single at Coachella last weekend. It’s been a while since Lana gave us anything new and this song is well worth the wait. I can’t stop listening to it. The song is so powerful that even though I am desperately in love with Brooklyn, this sad tune makes me want to pack up and move out to California. How do you do it, Lana? Enjoy the track tonight, Hart Beat.

“West Coast” by Lana del Rey

Nice one, Lana.

Congrats, Propeller!

Just a quick note this morning. My newest favorite Greenpoint coffee spot, Propeller, has been recognized by Eater as one of the best places to drink coffee in New York. Propeller is listed among good company next to other favorites of mine El Rey, Toby’s Estate and Konditori. It’s a great little coffee shop with the nicest staff and vibe that reminds me of the small town I grew up in. Next time you’re in Greenpoint I definitely recommend stopping by. Congratulations, Propeller!

Writing love letters

Hi Hart Beat. I just wanted to check in and tell you about this great article published today on the official Free People blog. Guest author Kristen Hedges writes about the lost art of letter writing and I completely agree with her. Tonight I thought it would be sweet to read the article and share some of the beautiful images from the blog. What about you, Hart Beat? You written any love letters lately?

Hello, weekend

Hola Hart Beat. Happy Friday! I’ve been super busy this past week and before the weekend I thought I would check in and give you a little update on some of my favorite things going on lately.

1. My new bike commute. Last week I started a new job and while I love what I’m doing for work, the office is way down south in Brooklyn. Sunset Park from where I live in Greenpoint is an hour train ride and so this week I decided I‘d rather bike an hour than sit underground for the same amount of time. It is so fun! Come visit Brooklyn and bike to work with me!

2. I bought this beautiful ivy plant at Spina the other day and it is making my room so much nicer already. Side note, how do I not kill an ivy plant?

3. This song, shared to me by one of my favorite people.

4. This photo of my favorite celebrity.

5. A weekend away. This weekend some old and new friends of mine are renting out an airbnb house in the Hudson valley for a weekend out of the city. I’m so excited to visit Storm King for the first time and check out a few breweries and distilleries. Since one of my life dreams is to live up on the Hudson I’m really looking forward to exploring the area. I’ll make sure to take tons of pictures for you, Hart Beat.

I hope all you lovelies out there have a great weekend too!