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Joie (de vivre)

This past weekend my friends and I were walking to the high line when I passed the brand Joie’s store on 14th street. The window’s were beautifully designed and as soon as I went home I did some investigation on the brand. Their clothing is so breathtaking, Hart Beat. And I want to share some photos and pieces that I found while looking through their website.

The JOIE aesthetic, both modern and timeless in its appeal, draws its influence from vintage creations while successfully maintaining a fresh approach to fashion. Be it Paris or California, the JOIE girl enjoys wearing casual, comfortable clothes accented by her travels throughout the world. The concept has always been “Casual, Comfortable and Luxurious.” Therefore, each piece that is designed encompasses a balance of these three key elements…one cannot exist without the other.

Beautiful, right? These outfits featured here are all part of the Joie Spring/Summer 2014 line. You can shop all of the looks on the companies website. The color pallet for the collection reminds me so much of the wardrobe for Gwyneth Paltrow in The Talented Mr. Ripley. The entire things makes me want to jet off the southern France for the week. Want to come, Hart Beat?

Top and bottom photo curtesy of Bliss Blog.

Jenny and Zooey sing about best friends

Hi Hart Beat. How was your weekend? I’m so happy that daylight savings is here and that this weekend we could all pretend that it was spring in Brooklyn. I was so lucky this weekend to have a long awaited three year reunion with the loves of my life that I met studying abroad in Spain three years ago. I’ve seen all of my friends separately since we lived in Madrid together but this weekend was the first time we could all get together in the same city. Have you ever had friend soul mates before, Hart Beat? If you are then you know how special and rare these reunions can be. Hey Laur, Steban and Ray, want to move to Brooklyn?

Anyway, in honor for my love for these very special people, here is a sweet song for your Sunday night. This one comes off of Jenny Lewis’s 2008 solo album Acid Tongue. The song, “Trying my Best to Love You”, features the amazing Zooey Deschanel as background vocals. I hope you like it too, Hart Beat.

But still sometimes I can’t believe you’re real
It’s just that I’ve got diamonds in my eyes for you
Our love is simple
Our love is crystal

“Trying My Best to Love You” by Jenny Lewis

Greenpoint Guide: Caffé Spina

In the land of all that is beautiful there has been a (relatively) new addition to the crop-up of storefronts on my beloved Franklin Street. Caffé Spina is a beautiful store front located at 107 Franklin Street in Greenpoint that hosts a delicious combination of coffee and flower shop.

I stopped into Spina a few weeks ago to speak with the owners and take a few pictures for the Greenpoint Guide. The day that I popped in the staff was getting ready for a professional photo shoot with Gardenista (you can find more photos by following the link there). Lucky me the place was being perfected and I got to see the hustle and bustle of the exited team and owners.

Spina not only boasts beautiful succulents, ivies and cacti but also Blue Bottle Coffee and Dough Donuts, two of Brooklyn’s most renowned staples. Every time I step into the little cafe I feel like I’ve been whisked away into a hipster fairyland in a design magazine, in the best way possible of course. Spina is definitely worth a visit when you’re planning your next trip to Greenpoint.

P.S. Previous features on the official Greenpoint Guide: Ovenly, Word Bookstore, Le Gamin.

My favorite monthly horoscopes

Happy almost daylight savings, Hart Beat! I’m excited this weekend to get back that extra hour of sunlight that winter took so selfishly. It means both that spring is around the corner and that I can bike home later without having to worry about remembering my lights. Win win.

To celebrate the beginning of March I thought it would be great to pass along my favorite monthly online horoscope. As you loyal Hart Beat readers know, I’ve been a big tarot and astrology fan since childhood. I really don’t like reading the newspaper and magazine horoscopes with too much certainty but for the past couple years I’ve been following Susan Miller’s monthly forecasts pretty regularly.

On Astrology Zone (the website is sketch, I know) Miss. Miller goes into all this great detail about what dates will be the most beneficial to your career, what you should focus on this month, how the stars and planets will effect your mood and so much more. I don’t believe everything written on the site but it’s fun to read at the beginning of each month.

Here are all of this month’s forecastsAries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius (holla at ya girl), and Pisces.

P.S. There’s a great sign computability part of her site too…

The best face cream ever

Holy smokes Hart Beat, it is so dry this winter. Not to share too much but for the past few days I’ve woken up alarmed at the state of my skin. IT IS SO DRY. I still have yet to find the best body cream but I want to share with you the best face cream that I’ve found so far.

Sabon’s Mostuerizing Carrot Face Cream is honestly the best face product I’ve ever found. My mom introduced it to me my freshman year of college and I honestly have used it every day since. I use it in the morning and at nigh and it always leaves my skin silky smooth. Apparently it fights against anti aging (what’s that? jk) and helps remove scars on your skin. This part is true. My skin scars so easily and I’ve used this cream to minimize the damage. The cream is also light enough that it can be used all year long, even in the summer. And for those of you who are adamant against smells, this baby is very subtle.

Okay Sabon, you want to hire me now? Seriously, if you are looking for a great lotion, I can’t say enough good things about the Carrot Cream.

Photos of the artists

Henri Matisse working on The Dance in 1910.
Hi there Hart Beat. It’s a particularly cold night in Brooklyn tonight and this last leg of winter has me craving spring in the worst way. Recently I’ve found some great photographs of artists and their studios and I thought you might like to see them. Seeing great artists in studio spaces always makes me think of my mom and the amazing work that she does. I can’t decide which of these photos I like more.
Georgia O’Keeffe.
One of my favorite artists, Richard Serra in November of 1990.

The immaculate Tracey Emin.
Norman Rockwell in his studio in 1970.
(I love that you can see Stockbridge outside the window.)