Jenny and Zooey sing about best friends

Hi Hart Beat. How was your weekend? I’m so happy that daylight savings is here and that this weekend we could all pretend that it was spring in Brooklyn. I was so lucky this weekend to have a long awaited three year reunion with the loves of my life that I met studying abroad in Spain three years ago. I’ve seen all of my friends separately since we lived in Madrid together but this weekend was the first time we could all get together in the same city. Have you ever had friend soul mates before, Hart Beat? If you are then you know how special and rare these reunions can be. Hey Laur, Steban and Ray, want to move to Brooklyn?

Anyway, in honor for my love for these very special people, here is a sweet song for your Sunday night. This one comes off of Jenny Lewis’s 2008 solo album Acid Tongue. The song, “Trying my Best to Love You”, features the amazing Zooey Deschanel as background vocals. I hope you like it too, Hart Beat.

But still sometimes I can’t believe you’re real
It’s just that I’ve got diamonds in my eyes for you
Our love is simple
Our love is crystal

“Trying My Best to Love You” by Jenny Lewis

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