Girl crush: Courtney Adamo

Oh hello there Hart Beat. As I’m sure many of you dear readers are aware, our girl Joanna posted a great new series on her blog the other day entitled “My beauty uniform.” In her first post of the series Jo (come on girl, we’re friends now) wrote about her friend and “one of the sweetest and most effortlessly beautiful people I’ve ever met,” Courtney Adamo.

Oh Miss Courtney, can I have your life? Can I have it?

I’m sure that Courtney, the founder and co-owner of a baby boutique online aggregator site called Babyccino, is another European form of Joanna Goddard but at this point I don’t care. I am fascinated by her life in London, her four beautiful children, her effortless style, and the work life that she has created for herself.
Oh Courtney, tell me your secrets (and not just about the two hundred dollar face cream you use, I’m on an entry level budget here). Apparently Courtney met her husband while living in San Francisco and then the two of them moved to London for her husbands job. While living in England Mrs. Adamo began a blog with her other mommy friends living around Europe and now that has turned into Babccino.
It’s fine, Hart Beat. We all can’t have our lives together like this. It is fun though to read articles about her life and marvel at her ridiculously clean house (YOU HAVE FOUR CHILDREN). So, on this drab Monday, let’s live vicariously through my newest girl crush.
Article from Design Mom on Courtney’s London house.
Courtney discussing style tricks on Chic Little Baby.
Another article about the beautiful house on My Houzz.
The Adamo family’s favorite vacation place.
This office is so organized. How??
Just some beautiful children playing in a beautiful bedroom.
Photos via the articles listed above.

3 thoughts on “Girl crush: Courtney Adamo

  1. Hannah Hart

    Hi Ava! That’s so cool that you live close by to Courtney! I’m super jealous that you get to live in such a beautiful part of London. I love Brooklyn but I’ve always dreamed about moving to London… I’ll have to check out the neighborhood next time I go visit!
    xo Hannah


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