The Districs: ‘Cause the plains they took my baby

Hi. How’s your Sunday night going, Hart Beat? It’s been a crazy second to last weekend at Dalaga and tonight I’m so happy to be home, cooking a frittata (Spanish tortilla?) and listening to some good music. One of the best new songs I’ve heard for a while has been stuck in my head all day and I want to share it with you, Hart Beat.

Have you heard of The Districs? From what I’ve read online, the band first formed when the members were in high school in rural Pennsylvania. This live version of “Funeral Beds” bellow was filmed in one take. COME ON. Regardless the band members are 16 or 100 I would listen to their songs over and over again. You with me, Hart Beat?

“Funeral Beds” by The Districts
And oh my savannah,
Did it have to be so hard?
Oh my savannah,
Taking all my love and all my heart.

And I’m struggling, and I’m stumbling,
And I need to start
I’m struggling, and I’m stumbling
I need you in my heart

P.S. For similar bands I would recommend The Heartless Bastards, Honeyhoney and of course, Father John. And, as always, find the official Hannah Hart Beat music playlist by following this link here.

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