Someone, somewhere, is falling in love

“As you read this introduction, someone, somewhere, is falling in love; a child is calling out to someone in the darkness as he awakes from a bad dream; someone is sitting alone in a car missing someone as rain pelts the windshield; someone is leaning on a desk, anticipating happiness he holes love will one day bring him; and perhaps someone very old is looking out a window, wishing he had said yes instead of walking way on that snowy afternoon in 1951.

“No matter what we do, love saturates our lives in every possible way. Even when we try to escape, it finds us — if merely to tease us with what we could have had.

“Through the readings, paintings, quotes ideas, and confessions within these pages, we are going to explore why we seem so desperately to need love, but also why we need to give it.”

– Simon Van Boody

Last year I bought the book Why We Need Love at one of my favorite book stores in Brooklyn. I couldn’t not buy it as the cover was just screaming out at me. Over the past year I’ve posted some excerpts from the book (you can read them all here). The collection of stories, quotes, photographs, short stories, and academic literature is compiled by Simon Van Booy. This excerpt above is written by the editor as an introduction to the collection. 
I just love the idea of finding love in all sorts of places and this seems like the best definition of Hannah Hart Beat that I’ve found in a while. For those of you who want to read the entirety of the book, you can find more info here.
Oh, what’s that you say? Where did I get those rings?
The gold one comes via Marina Pecoraro and the circle beauty is by 5 Octobre.

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