Father John Misty love

Oh Hart Beat, I think I’m in love. My oldest friend Samantha shared some great music with me today and I want to pass it along to you. I’m sure you readers out there know and love the band Fleet Foxes (shoutout to freshman year at Bates.) What I didn’t know, and you are soon to find out, is that the lead singer from Fleet Foxes in the past few years has broken off and created his own solo music career as Father John Misty. And Hart Beat, it is a beautiful thing.

One of the best parts about listening to Father John Misty, as Josh Tillman goes by nowadays, are hearing the beautiful, romantic lyrics that he writes. Even better is the knowledge that everything J. Tillman writes is for his wife, Emma Tillman, the love of his life. I know, dying over here. Samantha and I just spent the last 30 minutes going through photos of the two of them and crooning at their love.

“Everyman Needs a Companion” by Father John Misty
 (Source for these top two photos.)
P.S. For a hilarious six minutes with Father John Misty watch this parody commercial he made here. A flashback to my favorite Billy Murray moment perhaps?
This man.

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