Dalaga is closing

Hi Hart Beat. I have such sad news to share with you today. My favorite Greenpoint boutique, Dalaga NYC, is closing it’s doors at the end of this month. When I first moved to Greenpoint a year and a half ago Dalaga was one of the first stores that I went into and since then it has continuously been my go to shop for clothing, accessories, shoes, and general life styling. My favorite fragrance that I wear all the time comes from the store and, as my friends can attest, most of my wardrobe I’ve accumulated in the past two years has come from there as well. I love telling people about Dalaga and it is always one of the first places I bring visiting friends and family. When I worked at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg I would often tell tourists to take a leisurely walk up Kent Avenue into Greenpoint to visit the store before leaving Brooklyn.

After frequently shopping in the store and getting to know the owners (and sisters) Mary and Michelle Mangiliman, both of their families, and the amazing store manager Lilian, I was happy to join the Dalaga team this winter. I love working among the beautiful things that fill the Greenpoint store space and I’ve truly learned so much from these amazing, entrepreneurial, and fashionable sisters.

The beautiful sisters.

This past Valentine’s Day Mary and Michelle announced to the many Dalaga fans, from far and wide, that the flagship store on Franklin Street will be closing at the end of this month. In a letter written out to their dear Dalagas, the Mangiliman sisters write to the reason for the closing.

As of march 2nd our Dalaga storefront will be closing but we aren’t going away! We will be available to you 24/7 online at Dalaganyc.com with your favorite indie designers (no G train!). Best of all, you can still shop the Designed by Dalaga jewelry collections online, which will be debuting new designs every season. 

                       Of course we will miss the hustle and bustle of our beautiful store and seeing your beautiful faces, but we are confident we can still deliver the Dalaga experience you expect. In the meantime, be sure to bookmark us, follow us on Instagram, friend us on Facebook, and keep an eye out for the Dalaga jewelry collection in a store near you!

                       So while we are both expecting two new little Dalagas in the next few months, it’s time for us to move our business out of the store and onto your desktop. 

I am so happy that there will be two new little fiercely fashionable Dalaga girls in Greenpoint and I can’t wait to see what the Dalaga website will hold in this next new phase. Even so, the closing of Dalaga has left me very sad and anxious about the future of my beloved Greenpoint neighborhood. Dalaga was the first boutique to open on Franklin Street, paving the way for many stores, bars, restaurants, and galleries that have followed in their brilliant footsteps. I hope that whoever takes over the space will honor these pioneering ladies and the good that they’ve done for our neighborhood.

Michelle and Mary with the little soon to be Dalagas.

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