Bonjour, Sessùn

Oh hello, Hart Beat. Let’s talk about some French things this morning on the blog. Shall we?
For the past couple months my roommate and I have been complementing each other on our outfits by telling each other how French the other looks. It’s great. I mean, who doesn’t want to embody the effortlessly chic, carefree and natural way French ladies do?
I’ve been finding so many French clothing brands, ba&sh, Pictoresq and 5 Octobre being a few, to inspire the new France inspired fashion love going on at our India Street apartment. Today I want to talk about another discovery for your French fashion cravings. Sessùn is an all women’s clothing line created by Emma François that is sold by a handful of same-name boutiques in Europe. Lucky for us, Hart Beat, Sessùn’s collection is also sold on their online store. One thing that I love about Sessùn is Miss. François origins as an Anthology major. I love seeing other Liberal Arts majors taking the fundamentals they learned in school and applying them to small businesses and the arts (Spanish Literature major over here).  

It was in South America that Emma François felt the turning point which foreshadowed a vocation. It was when she came into contact with people who weave, embroider, sew and make things, drawing unquestioningly on a heritage of techniques and know-how, that she finally understood what she had to do and found her own way, establishing Sessùn in 1995.

I love the simple and elegant pieces in the brand and the Spring/Summer 2014 line is on point. These photographs all come from the newest lookbook and I wish I could add all of them to my closet. Sessùn also curates a great blog that promotes the brand and inspiration for the designs that they create. Man do I wish I could read French. 

Sessùn is a world of its own… poetic, cross-sectional, confidential… Sessùn is a way of living. Sessùn clothes are feminine and timeless with preppy influences and perfect cuts that produce a smart casual look with  a cool attitude. 


All photos from the lovely Sessùn.

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