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It’s an exciting day today my dear Hart Beat. Why is that you ask? I am proud to announce that today Hannah Hart Beat was featured by the brilliant Eleanor’s Stylish Bicycle Accessories website and blog. I was approached by the site a couple weeks ago asking if they could interview me about bike style for their blog. Of course I said yes, blog city baby.

Eleanor’s Stylish Bicycle Accessories is a Brooklyn based store and website dedicated to the stylish biker in all of us. The web store carries great helmets (if I didn’t lose mine all the time I would invest), bike boxes, and all kind of other accessories. Eleanor’s also features a wonderful blog about chic cycling gear and style. Some of my favorite posts have been 5 Bike Helmet Friendly Short Hair Styles, and this rose garland bike for Valentine’s Day.

I am so honored to be included in such an amazing site dedicated to biking and style (two of my favorite things) and I hope you all enjoy reading the article!

1. What is Hannah Hart Beat blog about?
Hannah Hart Beat is a lifestyle blog that highlights photographs, music, poems, and fashion brands all with a romantic twist. I started the blog while I was in college writing my undergraduate thesis. After writing about Spanish literature all day every day, every day, I desperately needed a break and a distraction. Hart Beat was the perfect creative outlet. Now Hart Beat centers around my life in Brooklyn, more specifically, my life in Greenpoint.
2. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?
I’m lucky that one of my all time favorite rides starts right outside my apartment in Greenpoint. There is a great bike path that runs down along the East River and makes it all the way south to the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s such a peaceful stretch within the city and I love looking out at the beautiful Manhattan skyline.
3. Does your bike have a story?
Oh yes. The neon color rock hopper was originally my dad’s bike in the 80′s. He called it Rocky Balboa and gave it to me when I moved to Brooklyn two years ago. Rocky’s not the most beautiful bike but since I ride everyday I never have to worry about it breaking down or being taken when it is parked outside in my neighborhood. The mahogany wooden box on the back was made for me by a carpenter friend who lives in my neighborhood and I use it to carry just about everything.
4. What is your favorite restaurant?
Le Gamin in Greenpoint. They have an unlimited muscles, french fries and wine night once a week. Who wouldn’t love that?
5. Early bird or night owl?
A. Early bird, for sure. With a midday nap thrown in there.
6. Who is someone you admire?
Anyone who is brave to bike New York City in the winter.
Photo credit for all the pictures goes out to Samantha Plakun.

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