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Bike Style by Eleanor’s

It’s an exciting day today my dear Hart Beat. Why is that you ask? I am proud to announce that today Hannah Hart Beat was featured by the brilliant Eleanor’s Stylish Bicycle Accessories website and blog. I was approached by the site a couple weeks ago asking if they could interview me about bike style for their blog. Of course I said yes, blog city baby.

Eleanor’s Stylish Bicycle Accessories is a Brooklyn based store and website dedicated to the stylish biker in all of us. The web store carries great helmets (if I didn’t lose mine all the time I would invest), bike boxes, and all kind of other accessories. Eleanor’s also features a wonderful blog about chic cycling gear and style. Some of my favorite posts have been 5 Bike Helmet Friendly Short Hair Styles, and this rose garland bike for Valentine’s Day.

I am so honored to be included in such an amazing site dedicated to biking and style (two of my favorite things) and I hope you all enjoy reading the article!

1. What is Hannah Hart Beat blog about?
Hannah Hart Beat is a lifestyle blog that highlights photographs, music, poems, and fashion brands all with a romantic twist. I started the blog while I was in college writing my undergraduate thesis. After writing about Spanish literature all day every day, every day, I desperately needed a break and a distraction. Hart Beat was the perfect creative outlet. Now Hart Beat centers around my life in Brooklyn, more specifically, my life in Greenpoint.
2. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?
I’m lucky that one of my all time favorite rides starts right outside my apartment in Greenpoint. There is a great bike path that runs down along the East River and makes it all the way south to the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s such a peaceful stretch within the city and I love looking out at the beautiful Manhattan skyline.
3. Does your bike have a story?
Oh yes. The neon color rock hopper was originally my dad’s bike in the 80′s. He called it Rocky Balboa and gave it to me when I moved to Brooklyn two years ago. Rocky’s not the most beautiful bike but since I ride everyday I never have to worry about it breaking down or being taken when it is parked outside in my neighborhood. The mahogany wooden box on the back was made for me by a carpenter friend who lives in my neighborhood and I use it to carry just about everything.
4. What is your favorite restaurant?
Le Gamin in Greenpoint. They have an unlimited muscles, french fries and wine night once a week. Who wouldn’t love that?
5. Early bird or night owl?
A. Early bird, for sure. With a midday nap thrown in there.
6. Who is someone you admire?
Anyone who is brave to bike New York City in the winter.
Photo credit for all the pictures goes out to Samantha Plakun.

Bold lipstick this winter

Oh hey Hart Beat. We’re in store for another cold break the next few weeks. As much as I love winter and the snow it brings I am looking forward to spring so much right now. The idea of biking without a million layers at night sounds so amazing. To pretend it’s not so cold outside I’ve been breaking out and wearing some bring and bold lipstick colors lately. I’m drawn to this Jane Iredale for a while now. My favorite share, Babe (similar to the top right picture), has been discontinued but they have so many to choose from I have no worries about my next pick.

What do you think, Hart Beat? What have you been wearing lately?

(Images via here and here.)
(A great color and, of course, Marilyn.)

The Districs: ‘Cause the plains they took my baby

Hi. How’s your Sunday night going, Hart Beat? It’s been a crazy second to last weekend at Dalaga and tonight I’m so happy to be home, cooking a frittata (Spanish tortilla?) and listening to some good music. One of the best new songs I’ve heard for a while has been stuck in my head all day and I want to share it with you, Hart Beat.

Have you heard of The Districs? From what I’ve read online, the band first formed when the members were in high school in rural Pennsylvania. This live version of “Funeral Beds” bellow was filmed in one take. COME ON. Regardless the band members are 16 or 100 I would listen to their songs over and over again. You with me, Hart Beat?

“Funeral Beds” by The Districts
And oh my savannah,
Did it have to be so hard?
Oh my savannah,
Taking all my love and all my heart.

And I’m struggling, and I’m stumbling,
And I need to start
I’m struggling, and I’m stumbling
I need you in my heart

P.S. For similar bands I would recommend The Heartless Bastards, Honeyhoney and of course, Father John. And, as always, find the official Hannah Hart Beat music playlist by following this link here.

Bonjour, Sessùn

Oh hello, Hart Beat. Let’s talk about some French things this morning on the blog. Shall we?
For the past couple months my roommate and I have been complementing each other on our outfits by telling each other how French the other looks. It’s great. I mean, who doesn’t want to embody the effortlessly chic, carefree and natural way French ladies do?
I’ve been finding so many French clothing brands, ba&sh, Pictoresq and 5 Octobre being a few, to inspire the new France inspired fashion love going on at our India Street apartment. Today I want to talk about another discovery for your French fashion cravings. Sessùn is an all women’s clothing line created by Emma François that is sold by a handful of same-name boutiques in Europe. Lucky for us, Hart Beat, Sessùn’s collection is also sold on their online store. One thing that I love about Sessùn is Miss. François origins as an Anthology major. I love seeing other Liberal Arts majors taking the fundamentals they learned in school and applying them to small businesses and the arts (Spanish Literature major over here).  

It was in South America that Emma François felt the turning point which foreshadowed a vocation. It was when she came into contact with people who weave, embroider, sew and make things, drawing unquestioningly on a heritage of techniques and know-how, that she finally understood what she had to do and found her own way, establishing Sessùn in 1995.

I love the simple and elegant pieces in the brand and the Spring/Summer 2014 line is on point. These photographs all come from the newest lookbook and I wish I could add all of them to my closet. Sessùn also curates a great blog that promotes the brand and inspiration for the designs that they create. Man do I wish I could read French. 

Sessùn is a world of its own… poetic, cross-sectional, confidential… Sessùn is a way of living. Sessùn clothes are feminine and timeless with preppy influences and perfect cuts that produce a smart casual look with  a cool attitude. 


All photos from the lovely Sessùn.

Herschel cases

Bonjour Hart Beat! This past Christmas I was lucky enough to get an iPad air and keyboard. It has been my saving grace this winter. My back had been in horrible shape this past year lugging my laptop around with me and now that I have this little mini computer I’m so much happier.

It’s taken me forever to find an iPad case that I actually like and now that I have it I want to share the brand with you. Herschel Supply Co. designs and manufactures a whole collection of backpacks, bags, cases and travel goods. The Canadian company has a definite nautical, California laid-back style that I love and is a nice alternative to the New York City black chic.

If, like me, you carry your iPad with you everywhere you go, then a strong case is essential. Not only can a case turn your iPad into a stylish accessory but it can also help to prevent your screen getting damaged which can result in a trip to an ipad screen repair specialist.

The exact case that I have is not available on their website but you can find similar models here. The color combination I have is on Amazon however. (Teal is all over my life right now.) Hope you love Herschel’s things as much as I do!

All photos from the Herschel Spring 2014 Lookbook.

Someone, somewhere, is falling in love

“As you read this introduction, someone, somewhere, is falling in love; a child is calling out to someone in the darkness as he awakes from a bad dream; someone is sitting alone in a car missing someone as rain pelts the windshield; someone is leaning on a desk, anticipating happiness he holes love will one day bring him; and perhaps someone very old is looking out a window, wishing he had said yes instead of walking way on that snowy afternoon in 1951.

“No matter what we do, love saturates our lives in every possible way. Even when we try to escape, it finds us — if merely to tease us with what we could have had.

“Through the readings, paintings, quotes ideas, and confessions within these pages, we are going to explore why we seem so desperately to need love, but also why we need to give it.”

– Simon Van Boody

Last year I bought the book Why We Need Love at one of my favorite book stores in Brooklyn. I couldn’t not buy it as the cover was just screaming out at me. Over the past year I’ve posted some excerpts from the book (you can read them all here). The collection of stories, quotes, photographs, short stories, and academic literature is compiled by Simon Van Booy. This excerpt above is written by the editor as an introduction to the collection. 
I just love the idea of finding love in all sorts of places and this seems like the best definition of Hannah Hart Beat that I’ve found in a while. For those of you who want to read the entirety of the book, you can find more info here.
Oh, what’s that you say? Where did I get those rings?
The gold one comes via Marina Pecoraro and the circle beauty is by 5 Octobre.

Dalaga is closing

Hi Hart Beat. I have such sad news to share with you today. My favorite Greenpoint boutique, Dalaga NYC, is closing it’s doors at the end of this month. When I first moved to Greenpoint a year and a half ago Dalaga was one of the first stores that I went into and since then it has continuously been my go to shop for clothing, accessories, shoes, and general life styling. My favorite fragrance that I wear all the time comes from the store and, as my friends can attest, most of my wardrobe I’ve accumulated in the past two years has come from there as well. I love telling people about Dalaga and it is always one of the first places I bring visiting friends and family. When I worked at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg I would often tell tourists to take a leisurely walk up Kent Avenue into Greenpoint to visit the store before leaving Brooklyn.

After frequently shopping in the store and getting to know the owners (and sisters) Mary and Michelle Mangiliman, both of their families, and the amazing store manager Lilian, I was happy to join the Dalaga team this winter. I love working among the beautiful things that fill the Greenpoint store space and I’ve truly learned so much from these amazing, entrepreneurial, and fashionable sisters.

The beautiful sisters.

This past Valentine’s Day Mary and Michelle announced to the many Dalaga fans, from far and wide, that the flagship store on Franklin Street will be closing at the end of this month. In a letter written out to their dear Dalagas, the Mangiliman sisters write to the reason for the closing.

As of march 2nd our Dalaga storefront will be closing but we aren’t going away! We will be available to you 24/7 online at with your favorite indie designers (no G train!). Best of all, you can still shop the Designed by Dalaga jewelry collections online, which will be debuting new designs every season. 

                       Of course we will miss the hustle and bustle of our beautiful store and seeing your beautiful faces, but we are confident we can still deliver the Dalaga experience you expect. In the meantime, be sure to bookmark us, follow us on Instagram, friend us on Facebook, and keep an eye out for the Dalaga jewelry collection in a store near you!

                       So while we are both expecting two new little Dalagas in the next few months, it’s time for us to move our business out of the store and onto your desktop. 

I am so happy that there will be two new little fiercely fashionable Dalaga girls in Greenpoint and I can’t wait to see what the Dalaga website will hold in this next new phase. Even so, the closing of Dalaga has left me very sad and anxious about the future of my beloved Greenpoint neighborhood. Dalaga was the first boutique to open on Franklin Street, paving the way for many stores, bars, restaurants, and galleries that have followed in their brilliant footsteps. I hope that whoever takes over the space will honor these pioneering ladies and the good that they’ve done for our neighborhood.

Michelle and Mary with the little soon to be Dalagas.

Father John Misty love

Oh Hart Beat, I think I’m in love. My oldest friend Samantha shared some great music with me today and I want to pass it along to you. I’m sure you readers out there know and love the band Fleet Foxes (shoutout to freshman year at Bates.) What I didn’t know, and you are soon to find out, is that the lead singer from Fleet Foxes in the past few years has broken off and created his own solo music career as Father John Misty. And Hart Beat, it is a beautiful thing.

One of the best parts about listening to Father John Misty, as Josh Tillman goes by nowadays, are hearing the beautiful, romantic lyrics that he writes. Even better is the knowledge that everything J. Tillman writes is for his wife, Emma Tillman, the love of his life. I know, dying over here. Samantha and I just spent the last 30 minutes going through photos of the two of them and crooning at their love.

“Everyman Needs a Companion” by Father John Misty
 (Source for these top two photos.)
P.S. For a hilarious six minutes with Father John Misty watch this parody commercial he made here. A flashback to my favorite Billy Murray moment perhaps?
This man.

Pictoresq: Ma oui bien sur!

Hola Hart Beat. Hallelujah amen sister friend for the sun being out in Brooklyn today. It’s making my work so much more bearable. A couple weeks back on of my favorite bloggers Miss Moss highlighted the beautiful french online magazine and shop Pictoresq. The site highlights designer and vintage clothing with the ever hoped for french styling twist.

I love the photographs that they take for the website. The mix of vintage and designer is so well mixed together and the french scenery makes me swoon. Too bad we don’t live in France, Hart Beat. Maybe someday?

I want that bike. Can i have it?
Blush pink on the left there.


All photographs via the Pictoresq website.

Ballet style

Hi Hart Beat! I am so happy to be back in Brooklyn! It was so nice to get away from the snow and cold here for a while but I did miss writing to you all so much. I’ve been noticing this blush pink color popping up everywhere in the spring lines debuting this week for all the Spring/Summer 2014 lines. I love the color, what do you think? It reminds me so much of the old days when I used to dance ballet. So, in honor of that thought and the hint of spring in the air, here are some beautiful ballet photos to inspire your wardrobe this week.

Top three photos are of the beautiful and talented Heather Ogden.
The fourth comes via this site.
P.P.S. One of my secret favorite songs featuring a ballet studio in the music video…