Unavailable men, the story of my life

Hi Hart Beat. The other day on the train I was thinking about dating in the city and how horribley awful it is. My curent theory is that if everyone talked to each other on the subway then no one in this city would be single. Seriously Hart Beat, think about it. How many attractive men do you see riding the train every day? HUNDREDS. Just kidding, but only about the numbre of men on the subway. The market where I used to work represented this amazing artist Pamela Barsky who designs and makes these great bags with hilarious sayings on them. My store space used to be right across from hers and so I would read the bags all day long. Some of them are cute or about New York but my favorite one by far was this one bellow.

I remember looking at this one everyday and wonder how simple and true it was. Sometimes I even daydreamed about having it tattooed on my hands so that I would see it every day all the time. There are so many unavailable men out there in so many different forms (emotionally unavailable, locationally unavailable, status unavailable, the list could go on and on.) The beauty of a relationship is finding someone who is unavailable to all but you. That’s the catch. And what a catch, Hart Beat. Wish me luck out there in the jungle.
For those of you who do not want to tattoo Pamela’s saying onto your skin, you can order the bag here on Miss Barsky’s etsy shop. It’s worth browsing around. 

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