The talented Amy Merrick

Happy Sunday Hart Beat! How was your weekend? Last night my friend Hans and I did some bar research for my upcoming birthday festivities. Can you believe that it’s almost February already, Hart Beat? In other news though, LOOK AT THESE PICTURES. Can you believe how beautiful and refreshing they are? 
All of these images come from the enormously talented Amy Merrick, a floral designer, writer, and stylist based here in Brooklyn. I stumbled across Amy’s beautiful Instagram account a couple days ago and I’ve been awestruck by her work ever since. Most of the work that Amy does is in floral styling for events such as weddings or parties but she is also brought in as a floral art director for different publications. God, another baller Brooklyn lady right here. I think this should be a new series. And it is! See how easy it is Hart Beat? For earlier installments check out Aly Tadros and Anna Li.
Amy also writes an amazing blog that sheds a little light into the way her mind works. It is now one of my top favorite blogs to check and I hope she keeps writing through this new year. Enjoy looking through the beautiful photographs, Hart Beat. Lots of love from Brooklyn. 

All photographs courtesy of Amy Merrick’s official website.

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