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Hi Hart Beat. Happy Saturday! I hope all of you lovelies are staying warm and toasty wherever you are. I took a wonderful walk this morning, as Frances McDormand says, “And it’s such a beautiful day.“Anyway, let’s move on to better and warmer things.

A few days ago I stumbled on the beautiful photo bellow on my regular Pinterest roundup. What I didn’t know is that the dress is designed and hand-made by a fellow Berkshire County resident. Jeni Leigh, the amazing woman behind all the dresses featured here, lives just across the NY State border from where I grow up and works as a French teacher at the local private school in the area. After studying her Etsy page and blog, I am now such a huge fan that next time I go home I’m going to try to meet with her and talk about the Prairie Clothing Company.


My idea of the perfect dress is one that is sexy yet classy and not overly provocative. A woman can wake up, put on a PCC dress and boots, play with her horses and then change her shoes and add some pearls and go on a date.

My god, as soon as I get Aquarius Made up and running this is the kind of artist I want to represent. Not only do I love every single one of Jeni Leigh’s dresses but the photographs featured on her Etsy store are equally breathtaking. The poses are so natural and refreshing and I love that they are all taken in the county I grew up in. What do you think, Hart Beat? What is your favorite dress in the collection?

I like subtle sensuality. And that’s what this line is. 



All I can think about when I see these dresses in this photo are Elizabeth and Jane Bennet frolicking through the English countryside.  I want in. 
Thanks Rural Intelligence for the great article featuring Jeni Leigh. For more information visit the designers blog here.

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