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The talented Amy Merrick

Happy Sunday Hart Beat! How was your weekend? Last night my friend Hans and I did some bar research for my upcoming birthday festivities. Can you believe that it’s almost February already, Hart Beat? In other news though, LOOK AT THESE PICTURES. Can you believe how beautiful and refreshing they are? 
All of these images come from the enormously talented Amy Merrick, a floral designer, writer, and stylist based here in Brooklyn. I stumbled across Amy’s beautiful Instagram account a couple days ago and I’ve been awestruck by her work ever since. Most of the work that Amy does is in floral styling for events such as weddings or parties but she is also brought in as a floral art director for different publications. God, another baller Brooklyn lady right here. I think this should be a new series. And it is! See how easy it is Hart Beat? For earlier installments check out Aly Tadros and Anna Li.
Amy also writes an amazing blog that sheds a little light into the way her mind works. It is now one of my top favorite blogs to check and I hope she keeps writing through this new year. Enjoy looking through the beautiful photographs, Hart Beat. Lots of love from Brooklyn. 

All photographs courtesy of Amy Merrick’s official website.

In the suburbs

Hi Hart Beat. I love sharing covers with you and this is one of my favorites, I thought you might like to hear it. This is a cover of an Arcade Fire original. I can’t tell which one I like better. Did you know that if you follow this link here you can experience the Arcade Fire song “We Used To Wait” with your own personal home address google earth video (make sure you allow pop-ups for this one). It’s so cool and I always think about it when I listen to Arcade Fire. Too bad the Berkshires are so unsearchable.
Mr. Little Jeans covering “The Suburbs”

Emily Haines in Belize

Happy Friday, Hart Beat! My spirit animal Emily Haines posted this photo on Metric’s Facebook page updating her fans that she’s “been hiding out in the jungles of Belize, writing and leaving the past behind.” Oh Emily, if only all of our lives were like yours. I’m going to take a note out of my idol’s book this weekend and practice my guitar.

Via the offical Metric Facebook Page.

Hannah Hunt, the best breakup song

Hi Hart Beat. How’s your weekend going? I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday and I’m even more excited that I get to spend some time with my oldest friend Sammy. Shout-out to S. tonight for sharing this beautiful song with me. (Second shout-out to Spotify for making the world of music sharing such a wonderful place.)

I hadn’t listened to Vampire Weekend’s most recent album until Sam recommended this song to me and now I can’t believe where I was for so long. “Hannah Hunt,” the song posted bellow, is what has taken me so strongly, and no, not because it’s about another Hannah, because it is one of the most simple and achingly beautiful song about a breakup I’ve heard in a while.

In Santa Barbara, Hannah cried
And missed those freezing beaches
And I walked into town
To buy some kindling for the fire,
Hannah tore the New York Times up into pieces

If I can’t trust you then damn it, Hannah
There’s no future, there’s no answer
Though we live on the US dollar
You and me, we got our own sense of time

“Hannah Hunt” by Vampire Weekend

Greenpoint Guide: Ovenly

Welcome to the first installment of Hart Beat’s very own Greenpoint Guide, giving you a inside scoop and a local’s guide to the best neighborhood (yea I said it) in Brooklyn. First up, Ovenly! 
If you ever find yourself wandering around Franklin Street in Brooklyn (highly recommended by the way) and find yourself thinking, “Hmm, I could really use some delicious coffee, beautiful ambiance, and MOUTHWATERING COOKIES,” then Hart Beat, I have the place for you. Ovenly, tucked down Greenpoint Ave on quiet West Street sits the most perfect little bakery you will ever find. Greenpoint is quiet but walking to the water on the way to Ovenly makes me feel like I’m in a whole other world.
Before walking into the bakery/coffee shop, just look at the outside. The Pinterest pinner in me wants to cry. Ovenly sits on the edge of Greenpoint’s most prized riverside park and outside the space is plenty of bench and strolling room to enjoy the Manhattan skyline sweeping next to you.
But Hart Beat, the inside of Ovenly is even better. I stop by all the time on rainy days to grab a cookie and read because it is just so lovely inside. Always quiet with the best music playing, Ovenly is never pretentious and honestly, I always enjoy myself here. The best part? Instead of a coffee card to punch the bakery gives out cookie cards. Buy ten cookies and the eleventh one is free. 
Ovenly is not the place to shlep your computer bag and apartment contents to in order to work. It’s the kind of place that I love where you can stop in with friends and have a delicious catch up. Or the coffee shop you dream about on a rainy day where you can finish your book in peace.

Stay tuned next week for the next installment, Hart Beat!
For more information on the series, send me an email to hannahhartbeat at gmail dot com.
All original photography for Hannah Hart Beat.

On Vacation, Like Gwyneth

Oh Hart Beat, it’s raining in Brooklyn. Horrible, cold rain. My bike hates it. In lieu of shivering from my ride tonight, I thought I would do some planning for my mom and my trip coming up this February. Have you seen the movie “The Talented Mr. Ripley“? I hadn’t seen it until recently and if you’re looking for a creepy, but intriguing movie that takes place in the most beautiful parts of Italy and has a cast that ranges from Leonardo DiCaprio, Cate Blanchett, Jude Law to Philip Seymour Hoffman, and, of course, Gwyneth Paltrow then look no farther. I love her style in this movie. It’s the 90’s take on the 50’s wealthy american living in southern Italy in the best way possible.

And as an end note, this great behind the scenes photo from the movie…

A Greenpoint Guide from Hannah Hart Beat

Welcome to 2014, Hart Beat! I know that the new year started a couple of weeks ago but tonight I am so excited to share with you a new series for the blog this year. As many of you know, I’ve been living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn since I moved to New York a year and a half ago. I love living in New York and out of all the neighborhoods I’ve explored, I’m happy to say that my own Greenpoint is my absolute favorite hands down. My favorite part of living in Greenpoint is getting to know all of the local restaurants, boutiques, bars, coffee shops, parks, and stores in the area.

This year I want to share my favorite local haunts with you lovely readers in a new weekly series. I hope that you are as excited as I am to start exploring Greenpoint! Check in tomorrow for the first installment!

It’s True! New Jenny Lewis song on Girls

Hey Hart Beat. The news is true! Jenny Lewis has a new song that is featured in the end credits of the “Girls” season three premier. The song comes on as soon as the credits start rolling in the second part of this two part opening episode. I’m not here to analyze this newest episode by Lena Dunham but I do want to share the track with you so badly. It’s here via a youtube link but if that gets taken down (probable) follow this link here.

“Completely Not Me” by our favorite gal, Jenny Lewis
P.S. On a similar Jenny Lewis note, this Bustle article about whether or not to get bangs was amazing. Especially in it’s mention of wanting to be JL. Don’t we all Bustle?

Baby, are you listening?

I can’t stop. A few days ago I shared with you this Lana del Rey song accompanied by Miley Cyrus singing a cover of “Summertime Sadness.” In that letter I apologized for including Miley on Hart Beat, but now? I can’t say that I’m not regretting it. Have you heard Miss. Cyrus’s newest song? I don’t know if it’s her voice, the lyrics, or my mind playing tricks on itself, but I can’t stop listening to it. Her country twang is coming back and I love it. Not to mention that she has just released an acoustic version of “Adore You.” Seriously can’t stop.

When you say you love me
Know I love you more
And when you say you need me
Know I need you more
Boy, I adore you, I adore you
Oh Miley, amen sister friend.

And the original version in case you are as equally obsessed as I am. 
All this lovely information via Idolator.

This is my house

Hola Hart Beat! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Oh were you stressing in the city? Don’t worry, I was relaxing in my beautifully renovated farmhouse Upstate that features not only a fireplace in the bedroom (my dream) but, a porch floating over the creek next door. Just kidding. But really, isn’t this the perfect house? Designed by Givone Home, this “floating farmhouse” just looks like the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. As Liz Lemon states, “This is MY house.” Why don’t we take a tour this lazy Sunday morning (and try to forget what might happen after a massive rain storm when the creek creeps up to the land…)

Sited at the edge of a pristine creek, with a waterfall cascading over an ancient dam of hand-laid stone, the Floating Farmhouse was sinking shop when first discovered. After a design and rebuild process spanning four years, the 1820 manor home is now a study in contrasts: fully restored to its period grandeur while featuring purely modernist elements, including a curtain wall of skyscraper glass in the kitchen, polished concrete and steel finishes, minimalist interiors, and a cantilevered porch “floating” on the surface of the water. 

All photos via inthralled and Giovne Home.