Hannah Hunt, the best breakup song

Hi Hart Beat. How’s your weekend going? I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday and I’m even more excited that I get to spend some time with my oldest friend Sammy. Shout-out to S. tonight for sharing this beautiful song with me. (Second shout-out to Spotify for making the world of music sharing such a wonderful place.)

I hadn’t listened to Vampire Weekend’s most recent album until Sam recommended this song to me and now I can’t believe where I was for so long. “Hannah Hunt,” the song posted bellow, is what has taken me so strongly, and no, not because it’s about another Hannah, because it is one of the most simple and achingly beautiful song about a breakup I’ve heard in a while.

In Santa Barbara, Hannah cried
And missed those freezing beaches
And I walked into town
To buy some kindling for the fire,
Hannah tore the New York Times up into pieces

If I can’t trust you then damn it, Hannah
There’s no future, there’s no answer
Though we live on the US dollar
You and me, we got our own sense of time

“Hannah Hunt” by Vampire Weekend

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