Greenpoint Guide: Word

You know that feeling when you finish a great book and are so frustrated because you have no idea what to read next? I have the best solution for you. Greenpoint’s local bookstore, Word, is the perfect place to go on a dreary Saturday afternoon like this and find the next read you’ll obsess over. 
One of the best parts about Word is that if they don’t have the book that you want, they’ll order it for you right away. I’ve never had to wait longer for a book to come in stock and that my friends, is an amazing thing.
Word, located at 126 Franklin Street in Greenpoint, is the kind of neighborhood bookstore that doesn’t come around so often anymore. Not only do they keep me in the good books but they have great events (book readings, book releases, and neighborhood local parties) and amazing book groups. I haven’t had time to go to one yet but the novels that they choose for the six different groups are all amazing. 
Side note, Word also has this great bulletin board (pictured above on the right) where you can post an add looking for a roommate or apartment in the neighborhood AND a match making dating service called “Between the Covers.” To join you write down your name, contact information, who you’re looking for, and the kind of books you read. Genius. 
Little matchbooks with book covers!

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