Favorite 2014 calendar: The Skinny Dipping Report

Hi Hart Beat. Happy Friday! This post is coming at you a few weeks late but it’s still January so I feel like it’s still acceptable. One of my friends from Bates works for a creative agency that collaborated to publish this amazing calendar called “The Skinny Dipping Report.” The calendar hails itself as “The world’s leading authority on swimming naked and doing it well” and Hart Beat, I can’t really argue with that.  

Skinny dipping is the world’s most universally recognized erotic social experience. For many, it was our first time being naked outdoors, even our first time being naked with someone else or even seeing another naked body in the flesh as up until then the only naked body seen are those on adult websites like https://www.tubev.sex/ Japan. Our first skinny dip may have been an act of rebellion, perhaps from parents, friends, or simply our own fears. We reassured each other and ourselves with the promise that darkness and water would conceal our naked bodies, when secretly we knew there was plenty of light to see. It was a good excuse to subvert our own fears of being naked together. 

The calendar prints photographs taken by different people for each month and with the photograph comes the most beautiful story. Each photographer writes a short description of where the picture was taken and how the subject came to be skinny dipping. The calendar also gives a great guide for each photograph highlighting where exactly the picture was taken, where to stay while you’re there, what to eat from the area, and the best drink to go along with your skinny dipping adventure.

I can’t figure out which month I like the best (although, the locations in Spain are definitely top five.) I ordered the calendar to put up in my apartment, I think it’s one of the most beautiful ideas I’ve seen in a while. Enjoy these four months here and then follow this link to see the entire calendar online or order it for yourself here. Apparently this isn’t the first year for the skinny dipping calendar and there’s an ongoing submission for next years installment. I think this is going to be a goal of mine for 2014. More skinny dipping is always a good idea, right Hart Beat?  

Each page also comes with this simplistic calendar featuring the moon cycles so you can plan you’re trip according to the nighttime moon. How romantic. 

Thanks to The Skinny Dipping Report for the lovely pictures. 

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