Baby elephants in Thailand

Happy Tuesday, Hart Beat! I’m so excited to share these photos and videos with you today. My roommate Ami’s parents are visiting for a few days before the fly back home to Cambodia and last night they share the most adorable story with me. Ami and her sister, riding the elephant in the photo above, grew up in Thailand and Cambodia where they tell me there are elephants just walking around all over the place. When Ami and Monika were growing up the elephant hospital near their dad’s house in Thailand helped birth a very rare set of elephant twins. The elephants Tong-Teng and Tong-Kun were only 15 days old when Ami and her family went to visit the babies. The pictures below are taken by Ami’s dad.

I was floored when I heard this story. Growing up in western Massachusetts we had black bears and deer but nothing like elephants. And baby elephants! Sweet baby Jesus Tennessee, too cute. Ami’s dad, Oke, shared some videos he took of Tong-Teng and Tong-Kun playing with each other just months after they were born. I can’t stop watching them, it’s unreal. I’m so thankful to have Ami’s parents visiting for a few days, especially since Oke cooks the most amazing Thai food. I love hearing the stories of Southeast Asia and I hope next year I get to go over and visit the elephants for myself. 

Babies be playing.
They are so cute when they fall down and can’t get back up.
These two.
Thanks to Oke for all the photos and videos.

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