All I want is Ba&sh

Hola Hart Beat! Happy snow night! I had plans to check out this new Greenpoint restaurant tonight but because of this horrible I’m stuck inside watching horribly depressing whale movies. Anyway, let’s talk about one of my favorite discoveries of last year, fashion brand ba&sh.

A couple years ago when I was traveling in Spain I came across one of the most beautiful brands I’ve ever come across. You know that effortless french style that is always so hard to emulate? Well Ba&sh makes it appear as easy as breathing. Probably because the two designers are Parisian and have worked to create one of France’s more affordable lines. There’s not much on Ba&sh out there in the internet world but I was able to find this NY Times article back from 2007.

Ba&sh, founded in 2003 by the childhood friends Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief, started in Paris in Printemps, Bon Marché and the tony Frank & fils. The next year they opened a free-standing shop in Saint-Gaermain-des-Prés followed by a location in the Marais at 22 rue des Francs Bourgeois, they now have 200 sales points. Boccara and Krief’s collection is based on the easy, romantic and chic style they wear themselves. “It’s our ideal wardrobe,” Boccara said. 

 Ba&sh pieces I could use right now.
Images from the fall/winter 2013 campaign. 

Thanks to the french blog Les Demoizelles we can look at some preview shots for the designers spring/summer 2014 line. I am in love with these colors and want to wear all of it right now.

Yea, of course the collection is so beautiful and so french. I love too that the brand name, Ba&sh, is a combination of the founders names (Barbara and Sharon). What a bummer that they don’t have a store or stockiest in New York. Luckily some of their collection can be found on Asos and they do have an online store, although right now the only collection available is fall/winter 2013. Come on girls, I’m done with this winter thing. Where’s spring?

I haven’t been able to track down many promotional product shots or any videos for the Ba&sh spring/summer 2014 line. I did however find this adorable video from 2013 s/s announcement. I don’t speak french so finding out these things are really exercising my google translating skills. Here’s the “printemps / été” 2013 collection:
BA&SH – Spring-Summer 2013 from Emmanuel Herbreteau on Vimeo.

Happy french fashion dreaming, Hart Beat!

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