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We two—how long we were fool’d

I was poking around the internet the other day researching some quotes I had found for their valitidy and I came across this lovely poem. I thought of you instantly, Hart Beat. I hope you love it too.

We Two—How Long We Were Fool’d
by Walt Whitman published in Leaves of Grass

We twohow long we were fool’d!
Now transmuted, we swiftly escape, as Nature escapes;
We are Nature—long have we been absent, but now we return;
We became plants, leaves, foliage, roots, bark;
We are bedded in the ground—we are rocks;
We are oaks—we grow in the openings side by side;
We browse—we are two among the wild herds, spontaneous as any;
We are two fishes swimming in the sea together;
We are what the locust blossoms are—we drop scent around the lanes, mornings and evenings;
We are also the coarse smut of beasts, vegetables, minerals;
We are two predatory hawks—we soar above, and look down;
We are two resplendent suns—we it is who balance ourselves, orbic and stellar—we are as two comets;
We prowl fang’d and four-footed in the woods—we spring on prey;
We are two clouds, forenoons and afternoons, driving overhead;
We are seas mingling—we are two of those cheerful waves, rolling over each other, and interwetting each other,
We are what the atmosphere is, transparent, receptive, pervious, impervioius:
We are snow, rain, cold, darness—we are each product and influence of the globe;
We have circled and circled till we have arrived home again—we two have;
We have voided all by freedom, and all but our own joy.

Long distance watch

Oh hey there Hart Beat. As many of you loyal readers know, the only watch I’ve ever worn is by Olivia Burton. The other day though I came across this watch designed by Kitmen Keung called “Long Distance.” Not only do I love the idea of this watch, but the design is breathtaking as well. There have definitely been a few times when this watch could have come in handy the last couple of years. Plus, to all those out there in a long distance relationship, awesome holiday gift.

Designed to act as a reminder of the distance between the wearer and a loved one, the face features two dials which can be set to different time zones. The secondary face is a lighter shade of grey.

Photos via Dezeen magazine.

I’m Not The One

Oh mamacita Hart Beat, it is freezing in New York this week. I had to make quite an effort to get out of bed and into the world today. As much as I can aggressively love the winter by admiring the beautiful snow and seasonal apparel, it’s not the greatest time of year for me. Once the sun disappears and I’m left with cold dark skies my mood plummets. Drastically. So, it is my goal to keep writing to you this winter Hart Beat, even if it means less often and with less spunk. Oh winter, my foul friend, this one’s for you.

“I’m Not The One” by The Black Keys


Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th, Hart Beat! Not only is today one of the luckiest of all unlucky days, but it’s also the last day of my internship, and the day that Beyoncé got us all by dropping an entire new album with accompanying music videos for each track. We listened to the album at work and it is amazing. In concept, the idea reminds me of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (which we are inconsequently listening to right now). If you have any love for Beyoncé I can’t recommend buying it on iTunes enough. Happy Friday!

A photo included with the album.

It’s just love

Hi Hart Beat. The New Yorker published its’ contributors favorite books of 2013 this week and through that article I found this beautiful abstract of a poem that I keep hearing over and over in my head. In the article Edwidge Danticat says, “Nikki Giovanni is a goddess to me, so every book of hers that comes out is an event.” I have never read Giovanni’s work but after reading this segment from 2013’s “Chasing Utpoia” I have to agree.

It’s Just Love 
by Nikki Giovanni

it’s just love
it won’t sweeten
your coffee
or ice your tea

it won’t grill
your steak
or bake your crusty bread

it certainly won’t
pour your olive oil
over your shredded parmesan / reggiano cheeses

it might make
you laugh

it’s just love
it won’t rub 
your feet or your back
it won’t tousle
your hair
or paint your
fingernails Red

it might make you 
want Red
it’s only love

it has no coupon value

it also does 
not expire

just me
just you
just love


good for nothing

throw it away
when you get
tired of it

(This piece is an excerpt of the full piece in “Chasing Utopia”) 

“35 and Single” by Paula Schargorodsky

Now I am the only single one left. In your 20s you are free to do whatever you want; have boyfriends, lovers, one night stands, work, study, just like men. But female freedom has an expiration date. When you turn 30 a conservative curtain falls. At every social gathering you are confronted with one silent question, when will you settle down?

Hi Hart Beat. My best friend and favorite roommate shared this video with me tonight. I love it so much and I knew I had to share it with all of you lovely readers. I can’t stop watching it. Paulina Schargorodsky is an Argentine film maker that has been recording her boyfriends over the past ten years. This short piece was featured in The New York Times Op-Ed Contributors section of their website. You can watch the video here in this post just bellow. 
Even though my friends and I have not hit 30, or even 25, this video hit really close to home. I think that even though we all aren’t struggling with the social and personal implications of being a women in her 30s in modern society, Paulina Schargorodsky’s video speaks to the more universal truth of finding yourself. Negotiating your career ambitions, self discovery, and future goals is unbelievable overwhelming and I was continually struck at the way Paulina shared these personal struggles. I love her story and think this is a video to be shared and talked about.

I was looking for an intense, passionate love story and I found many. Each one of them was a love of my life.  None lasted more than two years. I never imagined they would all end up together in a box of tapes. 

What do you think, Hart Beat? Do you find parts of yourself in this Op-Ed piece? I would love to hear what you think…
The director herself via her Vimeo account.

Home sick: Top five picks

Hi Hart Beat. I had to come home from work early today. My roommate and I both have the horrible flu or something with the usual suspects of fever, soar throat, and headache. When I’m sick there are somethings that always help, so tonight I am inspired to write Hart Beat’s Best Home Sick List.

1. Listening to Dermot Mulroney‘s voice. When this man talks I instantly go both weak in the knees and extremely comforted at the same time. This probably comes from obsessively watching “My Best Friend’s Wedding” when I was ten.

2. Sleeping in my favorite white sheets.

3. Looking at photos of Theo and Beau from Momma Gone City.

4.  Chamomile and Lavender, “Yellow and Blue Tea” by Harney & Sons. I first had this tea when I was working in Chelsea Market and have since discovered that the home base for Harney & Sons is up by where my parents live. Meant to be tea.

5. Watching episodes of one of my favorite show, “Northern Exposure.” The episodes aren’t on Netflix but I am lucky enough the my dvd rental store down the block has all of the seasons. Some of the best clips are on Youtube too.

I realize now that this could be an amazing gift guide. Maybe I should start writing some of those…

Jenny Lewis, over and over

Hi Hart Beat. I’m a little sick tonight so I don’t have much energy to write to you so I’ll quickly share one of the songs that I’ve been listening lately. I know there’s been a Jenny Lewis kick on Hart Beat and I’m okay with it if you are. If I could be any singer it would be Jenny. On the subway I always pretend I’m belting her songs out to a screaming crowd of hundreds. I’m sure you do too, Hart Beat.

It’ll take a lifetime to clear your name
Under the bridges of fame it’s always nighttime
It wasn’t me, I wasn’t there
I was stone drunk, it isn’t clear
And it doesn’t count cause I don’t care
The years transform my memories
Of all the countless decades of grief
It was cut and run in ’91

“It Wasn’t Me” by Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

Heaven in Manhattan: Toby’s Estate

Hi Hart Beat. I found it, I found heaven on 21st and 5th Avenue. Well, not exactly but pretty close.

My new office is right on the boarder of Chelsea and the Flat Iron district. It’s a great area to work in (there’s a Trader Joe’s right around the block) but the only problem is the lack of coffee shops. After living in Brooklyn for a year I’m a little spoiled and am used to grabbing my coffee in indie, beautiful spaces with delicious options. Unfortunately, the part of Manhattan that I work in is Starbucks central and I until recently (with the exception of the Mud Truck, hey boys) I haven’t had anywhere that I enjoy going. 
Luckily, since Toby’s Estate opened their flagship Manhattan store around my work neighborhood I now have a place to go. Not only does Toby’s have amazing coffee and tea (and cookies too!) but their coffee shop is hosted in the most beautiful Club Monaco with a small library style book store run by The Strand. In addition there is a table filled with floral arrangements by Polux Fleuriste. I’m sorry, did you hear that Hart Beat? It’s a delicious coffee shop, with an independent book store hosted inside a beautiful clothing store. Um, I take it back. I found heaven on 21st and 5th.

All photographs curtesy of Coffee & Culture by Aaron Frey.

My favorite part of the day

Hi Hart Beat. I just wanted to write a little love post to my favorite part of the day. No matter what happens, no matter how stressful work or life in the city is, every evening when I get on my bike in Williamsburg to ride home along the East River I am instantly put in a good mood. Seeing the city stretch out to my left and smelling the fresh salt water scent makes me so grateful to live in this beautiful part of the world. Thanks Brooklyn, you made my night tonight.