Home sick: Top five picks

Hi Hart Beat. I had to come home from work early today. My roommate and I both have the horrible flu or something with the usual suspects of fever, soar throat, and headache. When I’m sick there are somethings that always help, so tonight I am inspired to write Hart Beat’s Best Home Sick List.

1. Listening to Dermot Mulroney‘s voice. When this man talks I instantly go both weak in the knees and extremely comforted at the same time. This probably comes from obsessively watching “My Best Friend’s Wedding” when I was ten.

2. Sleeping in my favorite white sheets.

3. Looking at photos of Theo and Beau from Momma Gone City.

4.  Chamomile and Lavender, “Yellow and Blue Tea” by Harney & Sons. I first had this tea when I was working in Chelsea Market and have since discovered that the home base for Harney & Sons is up by where my parents live. Meant to be tea.

5. Watching episodes of one of my favorite show, “Northern Exposure.” The episodes aren’t on Netflix but I am lucky enough the my dvd rental store down the block has all of the seasons. Some of the best clips are on Youtube too.

I realize now that this could be an amazing gift guide. Maybe I should start writing some of those…

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