Heaven in Manhattan: Toby’s Estate

Hi Hart Beat. I found it, I found heaven on 21st and 5th Avenue. Well, not exactly but pretty close.

My new office is right on the boarder of Chelsea and the Flat Iron district. It’s a great area to work in (there’s a Trader Joe’s right around the block) but the only problem is the lack of coffee shops. After living in Brooklyn for a year I’m a little spoiled and am used to grabbing my coffee in indie, beautiful spaces with delicious options. Unfortunately, the part of Manhattan that I work in is Starbucks central and I until recently (with the exception of the Mud Truck, hey boys) I haven’t had anywhere that I enjoy going. 
Luckily, since Toby’s Estate opened their flagship Manhattan store around my work neighborhood I now have a place to go. Not only does Toby’s have amazing coffee and tea (and cookies too!) but their coffee shop is hosted in the most beautiful Club Monaco with a small library style book store run by The Strand. In addition there is a table filled with floral arrangements by Polux Fleuriste. I’m sorry, did you hear that Hart Beat? It’s a delicious coffee shop, with an independent book store hosted inside a beautiful clothing store. Um, I take it back. I found heaven on 21st and 5th.

All photographs curtesy of Coffee & Culture by Aaron Frey.

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