“35 and Single” by Paula Schargorodsky

Now I am the only single one left. In your 20s you are free to do whatever you want; have boyfriends, lovers, one night stands, work, study, just like men. But female freedom has an expiration date. When you turn 30 a conservative curtain falls. At every social gathering you are confronted with one silent question, when will you settle down?

Hi Hart Beat. My best friend and favorite roommate shared this video with me tonight. I love it so much and I knew I had to share it with all of you lovely readers. I can’t stop watching it. Paulina Schargorodsky is an Argentine film maker that has been recording her boyfriends over the past ten years. This short piece was featured in The New York Times Op-Ed Contributors section of their website. You can watch the video here in this post just bellow. 
Even though my friends and I have not hit 30, or even 25, this video hit really close to home. I think that even though we all aren’t struggling with the social and personal implications of being a women in her 30s in modern society, Paulina Schargorodsky’s video speaks to the more universal truth of finding yourself. Negotiating your career ambitions, self discovery, and future goals is unbelievable overwhelming and I was continually struck at the way Paulina shared these personal struggles. I love her story and think this is a video to be shared and talked about.

I was looking for an intense, passionate love story and I found many. Each one of them was a love of my life.  None lasted more than two years. I never imagined they would all end up together in a box of tapes. 

What do you think, Hart Beat? Do you find parts of yourself in this Op-Ed piece? I would love to hear what you think…
The director herself via her Vimeo account.

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