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Happy late august friday

Happy Friday Hart Beat! You have any plans for the weekend? I can’t believe it’s the end of August right now. It feels like it happened all of a sudden and I’m so sorry to see summer go. Here’s a little summer song for you sung by the multi-talented Carla Bruni.

“You Belong to Me” sung by Carla Bruni

Grace Kelly

Lily & Madeleine sing for you

Two posts in one night, crazy world Hart Beat. For those that don’t follow my amazing twitter, NPR’s All Songs Considered this week was pretty unbeatable. I honestly can’t wait for the new albums (Cults, The Avett Brothers, Kishi Bashi) to release.

One artist who I hadn’t heard before is now taking over my Spotify play time like it’s October of 2012 and honeyhoney came out with a new album. Anyway, just listen to this track and get excited for the new album, Hart Beat.

If only my feet could fall as fast as a heart does
I would be so long gone
But I’m stuck, stuck under your thumb
I can’t get up
I can’t get up, I can’t get up

Lily & Madeleine sing “Back to the River”

PS. The harmonizing in this song remind me of this amazing cover.
Call your girlfriend.

Uye Surana

One of the best parts about my job is I get to meet new, young designers making their way in New York. Between the original Artists & Fleas in Brooklyn and the new “temporary permanent pop-up shop” in Chelsea Market there have been so many new designers that I want to write about. I’m long over-due on a couple so I thought I would spend this week catching up a bit on the indie designer scoop of the city.
I have loved Monica’s designs, under the name of Uye Surana, since the first time I saw the silk piece pictured below. For those of you who know me please attest that this shirt is in fact me in clothing form. 
…. even the name of this shirt kills me. 
This week Uye Surana has been cropping up on my Instagram feed and I wanted to share some of the lovely images caught during this years Lingerie Fashion Week. The delicate, feminine pieces are everything that I wish my wardrobe was and everything I aspire it to be. What do you think, Hart Beat? Aren’t these to die for?
The pictures here come from a mix of Uye Surana’s Instagram’s feed and website.
PS. If you’re in a lingerie mood, check it

The first time I saw her

Hey Hart Beat. You need to watch this right now. This is one of the most amazingly heartbreakingly true poems about love that I’ve ever heard. The poem is called “OCD” and is written and preformed by Neil Hilborn. If you want more spoken word, check out this love letter from Sarah Kay.

I want her back so bad I leave the door unlocked, I leave the lights on.
Francisco Goya

Feeling blue

Lately I’ve been a little off Hart Beat. Lana del Rey, she knows what’s up. Maybe I miss the ocean and Maine this August. How’s it going with you, Hart Beat?
Someone tell me where did it go
Darling I’m damned if I know
I see that look in your eye
No one ever gave it a chance
I could have said in advance
You saw it all at a glance
And goodbye
David Gray “Lately”

Blue Nude, Pablo Picasso, 1902

On beards

Hi Hart Beat. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about beards, and then men who wear them. Brooklyn, and especially my neighborhood Greenpoint/Williamsburg is filled with good looking men with good looking beards. Last night on the G train I saw one of the best yet. I’ve been reading lately though that beards are on their way out. I say nay! Men of Brooklyn and beyond! Keep your beards! xo, an admirer of the rugged man.

Bike baskets and boxes

Hey Hart Beat. How’s your night going? I’ve been riding my bike so much this summer that I’ve all but destroyed the box attached to the back of my usually trusty bike. The box is pretty old anyway since my dad built it for me back in early college. Now that I use my bike to get around Brooklyn instead of taking the G train (if you live here… you know what I’m talking about).

Anyway, I’ve been doing some research into what kind of basket I’ll get now. The most important thing is that it lasts through all seasons. But front attachment? Another box for the back? Wicker? What do you think, Hart Beat?

Be still my beating heart, this is the dream.

Let’s talk about Marion Cotillard

Hey Hart Beat. I’ve not been feeling so hot lately so I thought tonight I’d post about a style and general life icon of mine, Marion Cotillard. We all need a little inspiration sometimes, right?


The reason I love Marion Cotillard, other than the face that she’s french (and therefor 100% baller) is because she is an amazing actor and one of the classiest celebrities. Plus, she is beautiful and couldn’t be more Aquarius Made (right G)? To read more lovely things about this French star, look here for her interview with Nicole Kidman (not a fan, but whatever, she gets to talk to Marion, I don’t hate her now).
P.S. Just look at this woman’s style. I’m obsessed. 

Chrissie White photography

Hi Hart Beat. Aren’t these photographs amazing? I saw them for the first time here and I have been thinking of them ever since. All of these photos were taken by the amazingly talented Chrissie White while traveling with a friend through the Californian mountains. Seeing these stills of the Sierra Mountains makes me want to get out to the rest of the country so badly. I love New York but, now that I’m back from Spain, I need to plan for somewhere new to go and explore. Suggestions?
All photographs by Chrissie White