Mountain photographs by Nicola Odemann

Te Mata Peak, New Zeland
Hi Hart Beat. What did you think of last night’s history? I forgot to mention there that I’ll be adding songs as they come up on Hart Beat so feel free to follow the playlist on Spotify.
Anyway, a couple weeks ago I shared photographs from this amazing series of Northern California and tonight I want to share another young photographer with you. Like Chrissie White, and Michael George, I love Nicola Odemann because they are the kind of photographs that both make me incredibly sad, nostalgic, and grateful at the same time. I could look at these all day. You can find all of these photos and more on Nicola Odemann’s website here or on her Flickr here
Achenkirch, Austria
South Tyrol, Italy
Walchensee, Germany 
All work by the amazingly talented Nicola Odemann.

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