La Manual Alpargatera

You like shoes, right Hart Beat? Oh my god! Me too! What a surprise. Kidding. Anyway, while I was traveling in Spain earlier this month I found my all time favorite shoe store and I have to share it with you, dear Hart Beat.

“La Manual Alpargatera begun as an espadrille workshop just after the Spanish Civil War (the forties). It combined an ancient handicraft tradition with leading fashion tendencies at that time, and it gave rise to a new alternative in the field of accessories.”
Yup, La Manual Alpargatera is an espadrille store. I unofficially say one of the top espadrille makers in the world. I was lucky enough just to stumble on the store while wandering around the Gothic section of Barcelona. The store is pretty understated from the outside but, once I entered the one room store, I was pretty much drawn to tears by all the beautiful shoes laid out. 

There were honestly too many shoes, models, and colors to choose from that I had to go back two times to make my final decision. I ended up walking away with three pairs, all for less than the price of one pair of Swedish Hasbeens. Life win right there. They are the most comfortable shoes, Hart Beat, that I wish I had brought three more pairs home. 

My metallic fall shoes. 

These puppies.

I’m in love. 

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