Blue Jasmine, sneaky Woody Allen

Hey there Hart Beat. How’s your Thursday going? Since I work Saturday through Wednesday, today is my day off! It’s finally cooled down in Brooklyn and I’ve been enjoying cooling off in my apartment. Did you know that Woody Allen has a new movie coming out?

The movie, Blue Jasmine, stars Cate Blanchett and is being released in a few cities this weekend. Alec Baldwin, and Sally Hawkins are also in the movie. I can’t believe I didn’t know it was coming out! Did you, Hart Beat?
The New Yorker gave the movie an incredible review this week. According to reviewer David Denby, the new movie “is the strongest, most resonant movie Woody Allen has made in years.” I mean, I think I need to see this as soon as I can. I loved Midnight In Paris and To Rome with Love. And Cate Blanchett looks like stunning in Blue Jasmine

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