Sweetheart, in other languages

A couple months ago I shared this list of romantic foreign words. Today I came across another list of romantic words in other languages and I knew I had to share it with you, Hart Beat. This list of different terms of endearment goes along with my frame of mind lately. What about you, Hart Beat?

Pumpkin (Portugese, Brasil)

Terrón de azucar
Lump of sugar (Spanish)

Buah hatiku
Fruit of my heart (Indonesian)

Ma puce
My flea (French)

Gazelle (Arabic)

Chang noi
Little elephant (Tai)

Little dove (Russian)

Chen yu luo yan
Diving fish swooping geese (Chinese)
For the full list and an explanation of each term of endearment visit this link here via. BBC News. I still think sweetheart is my favorite. Although, little elephant (Chang noi) is pretty irresistible. Tough call.  

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