Packing and planning

Hey Hart Beat. So… I leave for Spain in four days (eek!) and I’m already in trouble. Why you ask? I’m about to do some dangerous shopping while in the mother land. Since my Dad and I are biking the first halfish of my trip, I am bringing a very, very limited about of clothes. I can literally count the items on two hands. And just in case you Hart Beat, ever bike through Spain, here is an excellent packing list: 1. bike/helmet 2. biking shorts 3. biking shirt 4. biking shoes 5. bathing suite (what up Spanish beaches) 6. dress 7. sandals 8. camera (über important, eh?) 9. journal (hi marina) 10. yoga pants

Yup, that’s it. No joke, my bag is the size of a scuba oxygen tank (the best comparison I could think of). 
I know what you’re wondering Hart Beat. What does any of this have to do with my situation? Here’s your answer, I HAVE to go shopping when I finish the ride in San Sebastian/Barcelona (still don’t know yet, whateves.) That is the best order I’ve ever heard. And since I’m so excited about shopping in my favorite country, I have been doing a little research before I go to see what kind of things I should be looking for. Come join me, Hart Beat, in this fantasy shopping spree. 
Naguisa shoes.
Since I’ve resisted buying these and these, I’m going to reward myself with new espadrilles from Spain. What? I work in fashion?
An Olivia Burton watch.
ba&sh tops. 
Faliero Sarti scarfs. 

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