Travel Dreams: Portugal

Yesterday at the market the sweetest couple came in to visit. They were traveling New York on vacation from Lisbon, Portugal and as soon as I found out I couldn’t stop talking to them about the city and Portugal in general. It sounds amazing, and now I’m travel crazy for going there. I know this summer I’m going back to Spain (rough life, I know) but next time I cross the Atlantic I really want to explore Portugal. The couple showed me pictures and it looks absolutely beautiful. Plus it’s so close to my favorite country in the whole world, so how can it be bad?

How about you, Hart Beat? You ever wanted to go to Portugal? It sounds like such a romantic country and I would love to go there someday… soon.

All the photos here were taken by my amazing friend, Marina Gluckman in 2011. Thank you so much Marina!

I can’t even handle how beautiful these pictures are, Marina, you are so talented. 

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