Summer beach locks

Hey Hart Beat. How’s your Memorial Day Weekend going? My family is all up in Maine this weekend spending the long weekend by the ocean. I am so jealous, but I guess other than costal Maine, there’s no place I’d rather be than Brooklyn.

Since I’m missing out on all the sunnin’ and funnin’ of this holiday weekend, I thought I would try to recreate some of the perks of the ocean by trying some of this highly recommended sea salt hair spray. I had originally wanted to by the Bumble and bumble brand but the hair salon near my apartment only carried this other kind by Davines (who by chance, make my favorite “Love” hair conditioner.)

I’m in love, Hart Beat. Since it’s so hot and humid in New York during the summer I decided I’m going to stop blow drying my hair and this is the perfect solution. Now I can have beach summer waves all summer long. And the best part? Davines sea salt primer smells amazingly like the ocean and coconut. Perfect combination.

Even though I don’t have the exact product, this video is amazingly helpful too. I pretty much do the same thing except air dry… gracias a dios it’s finally summer, Hart Beat. (And for more on hair products look here for my special secret…)

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