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Hey Hart Beat. This song was playing last weekend at A&F, have you heard it? It sounded so familiar and I was convinced it was a b-side or something of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros but it wasn’t until I shazamed it that I realized it was a new artist called Alexander Ebert. I thought you’d like it, Hart Beat.

“Truth” by Alexander 

An interview with Julie Delpy

As most of you loyal readers know, Julie Delpy is one of my favorite writers, directors, and actors. I was so excited tonight when my friend A. sent me this great New York Times Magazine interview with Miss. Delpy. She is so fascinating and hilarious, and she reads just like she acts in real life. Julie Delpy has been a role model to me ever since I saw the first Before Sunrise movie when I was fourteen.

“Still, Delpy and Celine share certain qualities — a raunchy sense of humor, a rather prim way of dressing (call it Bohemian schoolteacher), an unyielding feminism and fierce advocacy for their beliefs — that can be exhilarating or alienating, depending on your point of view.”

The article, “Julie Dreams of Being Joe Pesci,” is written by Mary Kaye Schilling and is definitely worth a read…. or two. This woman is amazing and I cannot wait to see Before Midnight soon. I love how openly neurotic she is, and how much of an open feminist she is. Julie, I want to be you.

“She isn’t interested in creating or playing that sort of ‘perfect’ woman anyway. ‘I don’t need for my characters to be the most appealing or intelligent or compassionate. What is beautiful with life is that we are all unique. So why make cinema that is the opposite?’ “

Photographs by Joné Reed

Hi. I stumbled across this amazing contemporary photographer Joné Reed the other day and I really wanted to share some of her work with you, Hart Beat. They’re pretty evocative and I love the variety of her work. What do you think, Hart Beat? Have you seen any photography you like lately?
Pervious photographers: Matthew Tommaro, Bill Brandt, Michael George, Cy Twonbly, Stanley Kubrick, and Stephen K. Schuster. So many dudes, I need to start finding some more women photographers.   

Parts of me remind me of you

Hi Hart Beat. A couple of days ago I posted this song by Sky Ferreira and tonight I want to share another one with you. The two are extremely different but I can’t figure out which one I love more. I guess that’s a good problem, right Hart Beat?
When I got into my car and drove away,
I listened to the stereo play
I live by my own laws,
I stick to my guns and hold my head up to midnight sun
“Sad Dream” by Sky Ferreira

Advice on love from Vincent van Gogh

Hi Hart Beat. It’s a beautiful weekend here in Brooklyn and I hope you have something special planned to enjoy the sun. I’ve written about Vincent van Gogh before here but for some reason I’ve been thinking about him lately. Maybe it’s all this biking through Brooklyn that reminds me of Amsterdam. Either way, have a great weekend, Hart Beat!

Starry Night Over Rhone, 1888
Vincent can Gogh, via

We’ll be coming back

Hi. Happy Thursday night and congratulations! You’ve almost made it to the weekend! Have you seen this video or heard this song? I’m obsessed with the simplicity and it reminds me so much of this very Hart Beat post from early on. Wanna go to the beach this summer, Hart Beat? I’m thinking the Mediterranean will be pretty nice.

Work by Pakayla Biehn

A little over a year ago I came across these multiple image paintings by artist Pakayla Biehn. Aren’t they amazing? She has had a couple of installations and shows in San Francisco and L.A. but I wish she would have one in New York! As soon as I have room, this is the kind of art I want to put on my walls. All of the work here is part of the collection except for the image three down from here, which is a hand bent glass and helium filled neon installation. I don’t know which one I love more, Hart Beat.

(My computer background right now.)
All work by Pakayla Biehn.

Hanging on by a heartbeat

Hey Hart Beat. I know that this song is two seasons too late but, I’ve been listening to it anyway while I prepare for my trip to Spain. I thought I would share it with you here tonight. Earlier today at work I was on a real Lissie kick and these two go so well together. Sky Ferreira is amazing. Have you heard this song before?

Everything and nothing always haunts me
I know you’re trying, I know you’re trying
Waiting for your moment to fall on me
I saw you trying, I saw you trying

“Everything Is Embarrassing” by Sky Ferreira

BB Dakota

Hello Hart Beat! How’s your Tuesday going? Today is my day off and I’m getting so many things done in my apartment. Listen to this: I cleaned the kitchen today and then I cooked a chicken in the oven. For a girl who never knew how to make a scrambled egg or do anything with a mop, I am turning into a domestic goddess. Who am I and what is New York doing to me?

What today’s post is really about though, is my newest clothing obsession. Have you ever heard of BB Dakota?

I have a couple of their pieces and they’re the kind of things that you can throw on anytime and look instantly pulled together but secretly be extremely comfortable. Luckily, my favorite boutique Dalaga carries most of the new BB Dakota line as soon as it’s released so I can get my fix. I just love the general general aesthetic and swoon over most of the pictures BB Dakota pins on Pinterest and posts on Facebook. The other great part about the brand is that it was originally created and is now run by a mother-daughter team. I love that. 
They’re entire brand is pretty summer oriented (especially right now) and I love it. I am so excited summer is finally here. I really missed the sun. Too bad California didn’t win my heart over, I could live like this forever.