Biking in Brooklyn

Hi Hart Beat. How was your Wednesday? I had today off so my Dad came into Brooklyn to go for another training ride for our trip this summer. It was amazing. I’m seriously in love with Brooklyn, Hart Beat. We rode from my neighborhood, Greenpoint, which is the most northern neighborhood, down to Prospect Park in central Brooklyn and then all the way south to the coast and the Atlantic Ocean.

It was amazing making our way to the boardwalk and coney island and I wish I had brought along my real camera to take pictures for you. These from my iphone will have to do…

A partial map of our ride. My neighborhood wouldn’t fit. 
The arch in Prospect Park. It reminded me so much of Madrid.

The beach and the ocean.

Al soaking up the sun.
We did it. 

The iconic view from my apartment. I can’t stop.

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