The Frick

Hi Hart Beat. How was your weekend? You do anything fun? I was really excited to finally make it here last night. I literally felt like I was in Germany, so cool. Today I had my first Sunday off in a while so G. and I took a well needed trip up to the The Frick Collection.

The Frick was one of the museums that I’ve wanted to go to since moving to New York in October. It houses a mostly European collection and right now is holding an exhibition of master drawings that entices me every week from The New Yorker. Unfortunately, I could’t take any pictures while I was there but I was able to scrounge up some incredible ones to share with you here.

One of the reasons I’ve really wanted to go the The Frick is because of the breathtaking building right on Central Park East. There were swarms of people there but I still felt like I was back in Europe. (Thank god I’m going back to Spain this summer. I miss Madrid so hard.) I was also pleasantly surprised to see a handful of works by Goya and one El Greco painting. Shout out the Laura and the Prado class here. (Laur, I knew exactly how to interpret the old earl portraits.)

Another amazing surprise was finding that the museum was holding free drawing hours in the afternoon. They even provided pencils, drawing boards and paper. G. and I were in heaven drawing sculptures in center garden. I had one of those moments, Hart Beat, where I couldn’t believe I get to live in this city and do anything I want. It was such a freeing afternoon.

Edgar Degas (1834-1917)
Three Ballet Dancers, c. 1878-80
Monotype on cream laid paper
Sheet: 14 x 20 3/16 in.
(One of the drawings from the exhibition. Source for the print.)

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