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Dear Juliet,

While I was at work today I got an amazing email from my amazing friend S. She sent me this NPR piece about something really amazing. Listen here

Apparently in Verona, Italy there is a club of women who read letters written to Juliet and personally hand write a response to each letter. I am in awe. The love story of Romeo and Juliet is a personal favorite of mine (unrequited love really in any form is my favorite) and the idea that in Juliet’s hypothetical hometown there are woman who read and answer letters written by lovers from all over the world is truly unbelievable.
“Juliet, you are the only one who can understand how I feel.”
In honor of the Secretaries of Juliet, here’s one of my favorite songs about the star crossed lovers. The Killers just sing this one so well. Juliet, when you gonna realize, it was just that the time was wrong? Madre mia. 
“Romeo and Juliet” sung by The Killers
Verona in real life.

Letter writing

Since graduating college last spring and moving to Brooklyn this fall, one of the most startling things that I’ve learned in this adult world is how hard it is to keep in touch with friends. Once graduation comes, it seems like everyone splits off into the four corners of the world. I have best friends in Africa, Boston, California, Chile, upstate New York, Colorado, Washington, and everywhere else it seems like. It’s amazing to me how in such an interconnected world, both my friends abroad and spread throughout the country feel so far away.
And honestly Hart Beat, living in North Brooklyn and knowing your best friends are on the Lower East Side or South Brooklyn doesn’t really feel much different from knowing someone you love is thousands of miles away. It’s hard even in this city to stay connected to those you love. The whole thing  has got me thinking about how much I want to start letter writing to friends again. I feel like in that little way, we can all stay connected just a little bit more. What do you think, Hart Beat? You wanna be pen pals?

Red right ankle

Ever heard this song? I think you’ll like it. The Decemberists have been a favorite band of mine since high school and so many of their songs have been my favorites over the years. I’m not sure if they were included in this post but they definitely should have been if they weren’t. “Red Right Angle” is one of those songs that sneaks up on you after a while. What do you think? Does it remind you of this song?

“Red Right Ankle” The Decemberists

Not a cooking blog: How to make sugar cookies

How’s your week looking Hart Beat? As I mentioned last night, I’m going to working in Chelsea Market this week, so I’ve spent the past couple days preparing for the week. I’m also really hoping to finally make it to some of the Gabriel García Lorca lectures happening in the city this month. What are your plans?

Since I’m going to be working so many hours in Chelsea Market this week and I’m tired of giving all my money to Amy’s Bread, I decided that this Saturday night I would try my hand at baking so I can eat my own cookies all week long. Because, let’s be honest, who can go an entire day without some kind of sugar fix?
And before I begin, a disclaimer: this is not a cooking blog. This will never become a cooking blog. I hate cooking blogs. Mostly because I can’t cook and seeing people write things about how “easy” it is to whip up a five course meal in five easy steps really gets to me. So does seeing all those amazing pictures of delicious food that I can’t eat. The whole thing is upsetting.
However, I feel like tonight is a great opportunity to share how a non-cooker/non-baker attempts to make her first ever batch of sugar cookies in this strange Brooklyn kitchen. Come with me, Hart Beat, and share the journey with me. 
I found a pretty easy sugar cookie recipe on this blog here. Well, at least it looked easy, and I had all the ingredients. Or so I thought, turns out I didn’t have butter or any kind of chocolate to sneak in there so, after a quick run down to C-Town to pick up the necessary ingredients, I began.
Let’s skip ahead, because, well, you have the recipe and other then blending the ingredients with a fork for twenty minutes since I don’t have a standing mixer and adding chocolate chips because I’m human, I pretty much did exactly what this lady said to do. Down to coating the cookies with olive oil (strange) and sugar before putting them in the oven.
The weird “trick” of coating the cookies in sugar. I’m not sure it worked…
The first batch turned out like this: (Hannah: 0. Cookies: 1)
Not encouraging. Although, after letting them dry I’m happy to say they taste a lot better than the look. Hannah’s tastebuds: 1. Cookies: 1.
The second batch came out looking more like traditional cookies and less like, well, whatever happened that first time. 
And here’s the final result, my pile of weird looking, and i’ll be honest, a little weird tasting cookies. Someone needs to come visit me at work this week to help me eat them. See you there, Hart Beat!

Aquarius Made: Bathing suits

Hi Hart Beat. It’s not super nice outside in Brooklyn this afternoon and it has me wishing for beach days. I miss the ocean and I’m hoping this summer to visit the beaches around the city and see what they’re like. Wish I could have some of these bathing suits for the upcoming summer…

This man

Oh hey, this post hasn’t been coming for a year or anything. Lat spring while I was still at Bates my friends (mostly me) and I (really, only me) went through a huge Luke Bryan music kick. This is not as admirable as my Patsy ClineBob DylanEmmylou Harris phase. Bryan is contemporary country. Country that I used to mercifully make fun of and listed as the only music I didn’t like back in the good old days of myspace. Well, now Hart Beat, I am a changed lady. I love bad country music.

I guess I’m blaming this newfound love on the stories that prevail in most country songs. There is an amazing Radiolab podcast for anyone that wants to hear about it. And who can say no to that country twang? Here’s my latest Luke obsession. Is this a new song or am I just a horrible fan?

Luke Bryan “Crash My Party”
I mean, look at how classy this music video is. You can sing along, the lyrics are right there in beautiful, tasteful text! But seriously, disregard this video. Who made this?

Aquarius Made: Basic black

I’ve got a new post for the Aquarius Made series. Since having moved to New York, one of my favorite things is the idea that you can wear whatever you want whenever you want. Literally. You can where whatever you want because no matter what, there will be someone who is dressed crazier than you are on the Subway. I know right? It’s a liberating idea.
The most classic New York look though, obviously is black on black on black. And even though it’s summer, I’ve been happy to repeat the color combination (ha) every day, rain or shine.
Black? Brown? Does it matter when you can show your legs?

Love’s the greatest thing

Hi Hart Beat. Did you like the post from earlier tonight? I was really excited to share that little personal tidbit of information with all of you. Last night I shared this amazing romantic song and tonight, surprise!, I have another one for you. (Disclaimer: The video is a little 90’s, forgive me okay? It’s a universal song.)

“Tender” sung by Blur

My favorite room

Hey Hart Beat. So this past weekend, as many of you know, I spent visiting friends in Washington D.C. I was able to do lots of touristy and not so touristy thing while I was there but, hands down my favorite place to visit was the National Gallery. And, as my friends constantly harassed me for while visiting, the reason I love the National Gallery is it holds my favorite art pieces of all time.

I think that the first time I saw Pisan’s wooden sculptures of “The Virgin Annunciate” (left in the picture above) and “The Archangel Gabriel” (right in the picture above) was when I was in high school. Those of you who know me personally know that I am definitely not a religious person, and up until middle school Spanish class I had no idea what Easter was really all about. It’s funny to me now that back in high school, before I knew what the annunciation was, I was still drawn to these two figures.

Since graduating high school and studying Spanish Literature in college, the annunciation has become my favorite biblical story and I even titled a short story I wrote senior year the same name (wanna read it Hart Beat? Let me know and I’ll post it on the blog.)

But as much as I love the romantic color hues and the story behind these two statues, it’s they’re facial expressions and body language that get me every time I visit and the real reason that I spent an hour on Thursday staring into their never moving eyes. I have so many questions for these two stoic beings. I also love the idea that they’ve spent their entire existence since c. 1335 staring intensely at each other. It’s very powerful to be in the same room as them and I even get chills looking at the photos now. What do you think, Hart Beat? Have you ever had a similar experience to seeing art work?

P.S. If you’re ever in Washington D.C. (or if you’re lucky enough to live there) go see the statues on the first floor of the National Gallery.

Photo by Steve Lewis.
Gabriel looking at Mary.

Mary looking at Gabriel.

Romantic spring music

Hi Hart Beat. I hope spring wherever you are is as lovely as spring is here in New York. This nice weather has made me go back to playlists I made last year around this time for some spring music inspiration. Eric Church really knows his stuff. Here’s one for the new spring weather. It’s indie and it’s romantic, bam, two for one.

Darlin’ please come home
I’ve cleaned out the fridge
Wiped the counters off
And put away my clothes

Do you remember every block
Every minute of every walk we used to take
We were young, so many years ago
This is the live version of The Head and the Heart singing “Honey Come Home.”
For the original version follow this link here.