Don’t go, please stay

This week I was so happy to finally see the movie The Place Beyond the Pines. (Did you know that if you go to the Williamsburg cinema on Tuesdays or Thursdays tickets are 8$ and you can use your ticket stub for a free beer at this bar? Crazy world.) Ever since I heard that Ryan Gosling was in another movie directed by the same person who did Blue Valentine, I knew I needed to see the movie.

Have you seen it yet, Hart Beat? I won’t give anything away, I promise, but you should definitely go to see it while it’s still in theaters. Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper were amazing and honestly, the best part was watching a movie about Schenectady, NY. The setting looked just like home to me and it was so beautiful to see the mountains on the big screen.

One of my favorite parts of the movie was when the song below played. It reminds me so much of the song that was played in Blue Valentine, and I am grateful that I’ve been introduced to the two of them.

“Please Stay” by The Cryin Shames
I loved you before I even knew your name 
I wanted to give you my heart 
But when you came back after me one time 
Oh I knew, yes I knew that the heartaches would start 

If I called out your name like a song 
That was written for you, you alone 
Would you still hurt all my pride 
Oh, hey, how I cried 

This time be different 
Please stay 
My favorite view.

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