The way, and news about Spain 2013

Last night my dad and I watched the movie “The Way,” a movie about an american man walking el camino de santiago de compostela in Spain. It came out in 2010 (it’s on netflix instant right now!) but, I’ve been putting off watching it for a while. Have you seen it?

The reason my dad and I were watching it is actually related to some really exciting news I want to share with you Hart Beat! We don’t have any concrete plane tickets yet but, he and I do have plans to bike part of the camino in Spain this summer together. 
For those of who know my dad, you know that he is a huge biker and has been biking all over the world this past year. This summer he’s going to complete his Spain, France and Italy leg. Since my brother is going to be spending the summer on a semester program in Barcelona, I’m combining a week ride with my dad and a visit to my brother with a well needed trip back to my favorite city in the world. Madrid 2013, no regrets. Wanna join?
P.S. Speaking of movies, I’m so excited to see Ryan Gosling in this movie this week. 
Both photos by Michael George.

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